Star Wars Fan Turns Car Tire Into BB-8 (and It’s Awesome)

Image Source: dubsallday/Reddit
Image Source: dubsallday/Reddit

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been making waves ever since it hit the theaters back in December. From the return of our forever crush Han Solo to the epic battle between Rey and Kylo Ren — our hearts are still pounding from the excitement. But there was one little guy that totally stole the show, and that would be BB-8.

No offense, R2-D2 and C3PO, you guys are great. Really. But BB-8 was So. Freaking. Cute. We didn’t even know a robot could be cute until that little guy rolled into our lives.

And clearly we are not alone because one awesome fan in California has taken his love for the little guy to new levels by transforming one of his tires into a rolling BB-8! In a Reddit post published yesterday, the car above was photographed and videotaped cruising around town, accompanied by the hashtag: #ISPYBB8, which people are using when they spot the car.

But this fan isn’t the only one paying tribute to the robot. One young couple went viral recently when they dressed their baby up as BB-8:

Image Source: Victor Sine
Image Source: Victor Sine

And All Nippon Airways have taken the BB-8 craze to new heights (literally) with their incredible orange and white plane, the third one in their fleet to get the Star Wars special treatment.

Clearly The Force is strong with these BB-8 fans — and we can’t get enough.

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