Move Over Grumpy Cat — Studly Kitten Is the Internet’s New Love

If the Internet has proven anything to us in the last 10 years, it’s that humans are OBSESSED with cats. (Myself included.)

These days, cats have their own Instagrams. Their own quinceañeras. Heck, cats are even starring in their very own photoshoots. In other words: Cats are living the LIFE, people!

Just ask Eden Bloor, who recently knit her 13-year-old tabby cat Arlo his very own sweater — which she then dressed him up in to snap a photo and share it with all of Twitter (because, duh).

“I made my kitten a sweater so he wouldn’t get chilly with the A/C on, and now he thinks he’s a stud,” Eden tweeted on June 25.

Image Source: Eden Bloor

In the last few days, the photo has gone super viral, racking up over 221K likes and 71K retweets — in part, because CATS IN SWEATERS ARE ADORABLE; but also because let’s be honest, Arlo does look pretty damn studly.

I mean … would you look at that sultry stare?

Image Source: Eden Bloor

When he’s not posing for super studly photos, Arlo enjoys playing, meowing for attention, and even carrying little stuffed animals everywhere. (Who can blame him?)

But for now, he’s just basking in all his Internet fame — and loving his new duds.

“I definitely didn’t force my kitten into anything he doesn’t want,” Eden tells Babble. “I think he found his love for sweaters all on his own through his love for being swaddled as a very young kitten.”

Major props to Eden for getting her little guy into such a tiny sweater — and keeping him in it. I myself have tried to stuff my 16-pound cat into his fair share of cat-sized holiday sweaters, and let me tell you, it ain’t easy!

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