Celebrities Who’ve Played Superman and Batman: Then and Now!

Who’s your kid into: Superman or Batman?

It doesn’t matter. Because one of the big announcements coming out of Comic Con is that the Henry Cavill Man of Steel franchise will be putting out a Superman sequel in 2015. Cool. Yay. Awesome.

Brace yourselves. There’s more: THIS SEQUEL WILL INCLUDE BATMAN.

And the nerd world collectively gasps. Yes! It’s true! It’s what you’ve always wanted to see on the big screen—The Superhero bromance of your dreams/fantasies.

Will Superman and Batman be friends immediately? Will they reluctantly team up against a common enemy? Will they actually, dare I even dream it, fight each other?

(Will Batman feel bad that he has no innate powers? Poor Batman. He’s no Superman. But he does have a better utility belt.)

Who’s your favorite hunky incarnation of Superman? And can you recognize the face beneath the Batman mask? Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne have had a lot of aliases over the years! Take a look at the celebrities who played the superheroes  – then and now.

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  • Man of Steel 2 of 18

    The latest incarnation of the man of steel is Henry Cavill. Much darker than earlier interpretations, Zack Snyder's reboot gave us a post 9/11 Superman.

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  • Henry Cavill 3 of 18
    Henry Cavill arrives at Man Of Steel Premiere at Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square in London

    Put a pair of Clark-Kent glasses on that face and I'm all, Superman who?

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  • Superman The Movie 4 of 18

    But it all started for most of us with Christopher Reeve's classic portrayal of Superman. He's from another planet, but somehow he seems totally all-American.

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  • Christopher Reeve 5 of 18

    Sadly, our Superman was not invincible. Christopher Reeves was thrown from a horse and paralyzed after starring in four Superman movies. He died in 2004 at age 52. What a trooper!

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  • Lois and Clark 6 of 18

    Superman comes to TV in true '90s style with the "Will they? Won't they?" series, Lois and Clark.

    Spoiler Alert: They did.

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  • Dean Cain 7 of 18
    Dean Cain seen attending the Entertainment Media Show held at the Grand Hall, Kensington, London

    At 46, Dean Cain still looks great and continues to act. His son is named Christopher Dean Cain and if that kid isn't a Superman fan, none of us have any right to be.

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  • Smallville 8 of 18

    Based more on the comic books, Smallville depicted Clark Kent's early years. It aired on the WB from 2001 until 2011.

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  • Tom Welling 9 of 18
    Tom Welling attends the grand opening of Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant and Nightclub at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

    Now 36, the actor who played Clark Kent in his hometown of Smallville is still acting and has a part in Draft Day, coming out in 2014.

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    Michael Keaton took Batman to the big screen in 1989. It was historic, with Jack Nicholson as the Joker and Prince on keyboards.

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  • Michael Keaton 11 of 18
    Michael Keaton seen on the set of Birdman in New York City

    "Batman! Look behind you!" Michael Keaton, now 61, is shooting the comedy Birdman. In it Keaton plays a former actor who played an iconic superhero. Meta!

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  • Batman Forever 12 of 18

    Remember when Val Kilmer took a stab at Batman? Nicole Kidman as the love interest, with Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones as villains? Sure! Why not?

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    Val Kilmer gets a shock at the Ferrari and Interview magazine party at Art Basel 2011 festival in Miami

    You had a good run, Val.

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  • Batman and Robin 14 of 18

    George Clooney played Batman in the buddy adventure that introduced nipples to the suit. Not the greatest movie ever made.

  • George Clooney 15 of 18
    George Clooney seen arriving for lunch at Pavillon Ledoyen restaurant in Paris

    George Clooney is as handsome as ever! Even if his stint as Batman was a little bit forgettable. One look at those pearly whites and . . . What was I saying?

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  • Batman Begins 16 of 18

    Christopher Nolan's reboot of The Dark Knight trilogy made the Batman popular again. Christian Bale played his Batman to perfection.

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  • Christian Bale 17 of 18
    Actress Amy Adams and actor Christian Bale seen on the set of David O. Russell film in Boston

    Seen on set for a David O. Russell film in Boston, Christian Bale looks a little less suave than his Bruce Wayne counterpart. Brown corduroy pants notwithstanding, Bale is beloved in the fandom for his three Dark Knight movies, and for his Batmanish-good deeds in real life.

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  • Superman and Batman Together! 18 of 18

    Welp. There's no word yet on who will play Bruce Wayne to Henry Cavill's Clark Kent in the 2015 sequel. Christian Bale has bailed. Whoever it is has some big boots to fill. One thing is for sure, if you're a mom of a little boy who loves his supers you may want to pick up a reversible cape.

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