Superman or Batman: Your Favorite Celebrities Choose

supescollageHugh Jackman wants the undies outside his tights — at least, that’s what he said when Total Film asked your favorite celebs who their favorite superhero is: Superman or Batman? (Video below!)

Hugh Jackman commits whole-heartedly to Superman. Jake Gyllenhaal is going to “leave it a mystery.” OF COURSE. Isn’t that so Jake Gyllenhaal? You can tell a lot about a person by how they answer this question.

The thoughtful Michael Fassbender wanted to be Superman when he was younger and he did have a Superman outfit, but later in life he decides to go with Batman because he’s more interesting. Superman is a virtually indestructible alien. Batman is a fallible human.

Harrison Ford says something inscrutable about Lois Lane. That’s great and everything.

Natalie Portman is afraid to give any answer besides Thor. If I were her — which is to say, if I were Jane Foster — I’d be pretty into Thor too.

Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx think Batman is cooler. For these 2, obviously, it’s all about swagger.

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, who apparently misunderstood the question, discuss who would win in a battle between Superman and Batman. They’re young.

Conversely, the articulate Tom Hiddleston commits immediately to “Supes” and Chris Hemsworth is decidedly anti red-cape, so he votes for Batman. Both of them want to see Superman and Thor having a fight while Loki watches on.

One wonders, Mother Hemsworth, what did you feed to Chris that you didn’t feed to Liam?

As for me, it’s hard when a vote for Batman feels like a vote against Christopher Reeve, but I agree with Stan Lee, Michael Fassbender and Chris Hemsworth: Batman is more interesting. What about you, who is your favorite?

If you can’t decide, here — watch the whole thing:

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