The ‘Sweet Valley High’ Movie We Always Dreamed About Is Finally Happening

Pop Quiz: Can you look at this book cover without instantly being transported back to your awkward middle school days?

sweet valley high
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… Nope? Yeah, me either.

But here’s some good news for you, Sweet Valley High fans: the classic ‘80s and ‘90s book-turned-TV series we all knew and loved is finally coming to the big screen!

Reportedly, Kirsten Smith (co-writer of Legally Blonde and 10 Things I Hate About You) and Harper Dill (writer of the new Fox Show, The Mick) have both been tapped to write the script — and obviously, there are tons of 30-something women out there who can’t WAIT to hit up theaters once it’s released. (Me included.)

No word on whether the twins from the TV show, Brittany and Cynthia Daniel, will be involved with the film, but a revival of SVH would still be amazing, if not kind of hilarious.

For those who remember, Sweet Valley High was basically the original Gossip Girl (okay, without any of the mystery or New York City prestige) that had middle schoolers on the edge of their seats wondering if Jessica would get Bruce Patman to notice her, if Lila Fowler would be exposed for shoplifting, or if Todd and Elizabeth would stay together. Cheesy … yet captivating if you’re 12.

The book series was created by Francine Pascal back in 1983, and stayed alive thanks to a stable of ghostwriters who churned out storyline after juicy storyline over the years. (One even wrote an oddly interesting exposé about her whole experience that’s worth a read.) The series was then picked up as a TV series in 1994, but was sadly canceled by 1997.

But now, some 20 years later, we can relive it all again in theaters — this time without our fanny packs and braces. (Score!)

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