Long-Distance Couple Meets Up Around the World to Take the Same Romantic Photo

What do you do when you finally meet someone you have an amazing connection with, but live on the opposite side of the earth from? You find a way to make it work.

That’s what one long-distance couple did, in the most romantic way possible — by meeting in different locations around the world and posing for the same adorable photo.

Rob and Joli Switzer first met in the Philippines at a Meetup party for travelers. Joli is from the Philippines and Rob is from a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The two began corresponding online and after a few years were finally able to meet up again in person. Sparks flew, they started a long-distance relationship, and the rest is history!

On their website, dipkiss travels, the couple says that traveling to other locales to meet up became their go-to method of seeing each other — so why not do it in extravagant places all across the globe?

When asked how they came up with the idea for their “dipkiss” pose, the couple tells Babble that they wanted a pose that was both “romantic and playful” and that would “make people smile” as they took the photo for them.

“Everyone was taking jump shots and signature travel poses, so we thought about creating our own cute pose just for kicks,” the couple explains. The result is a stunning collection of travel photos featuring two people who are obviously in love as they discover new parts of the world together.

“As the collection started to grow, it turned into a beautiful snapshot of all the trips we’d experienced together,” the Switzers note. They also started an Instagram account to share their beautiful photos with others — and trust me, you need to check these out. The images are truly stunning.

As anyone who’s been through it knows, long-distance relationships can be very challenging. Rob and Joli admit that they were “tempted to give up a few times in the beginning,” but they stuck it out until they found their “groove.”

“We would talk at least twice a day,” the couple explains. “Our time zones were usually 12-13 hours apart, so the best time to talk for us was when one of us was waking up, while the other was going to bed.”

As you can imagine, meeting up required a lot of effort and planning. “We both had full-time jobs the whole time we dated,” Rob and Joli tell Babble. “So, we saved every bit of our money and only used our paid time off to see each other.”

Their love story is like something out of a movie, although the couple insists that it is possible for anyone to do what they do.

“Everybody has their thing which they want to spend the majority of their money on (pets, clothes, cars, gadgets, etc.),” they continue. “Luckily, we both just love spending the majority of our money on traveling.”

After years spent living in different countries and meeting up in exotic locations, Rob proposed to Joli in Moscow and the couple got married last June. They now reside in Maryland, but have no plans to stop traveling.

“We’ve actually started traveling even more now since we can do more weekend trips around the USA,” say the Switzers, adding that they plan a “bigger international trip every few months.” Some of their favorite travel locations so far (in case you’re curious) have been Hawaii, Japan, the Maldives, Cambodia, and Walt Disney World.

All relationships require effort and sacrifice, and long-distance ones can test even the strongest couples. But the Switzers have truly shown what’s possible when romance and determination meet. Their love story may read like something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel (sans the tears), but the real beauty lies in its truth. It’s the story of two people who share a love for traveling, doing the work required to stay together and having the ultimate life adventure.

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