Still Sad “The Office” Is Over? Take Home a Piece of Dunder Mifflin

jim-pam-the-officeAre you over The Office ending yet? Nope? Me neither. However! We have a tiny ray of light peeking through over on Ebay, where there is an official auction of items from The Office going on right now.

Featured items from The Office range from sentimental background knick-knacks like a framed photograph of Jim and Pam, to Phyllis’s business card set, which sold for $131.99, and a Michael Scott Dundie Award for Best Salesman, that went for over $600. A first wave of sales ended today, and the batch that remains has up to six days to attract bids.

VIP Fan Auctions is running the sale, and features props and costumes from other shows as well, including Dexter and 1600 Penn, with Bones coming up soon.

If you’re really lonely for the show and want to binge watch the 9th and final season so you can see these auction items in their original habitat, the DVD came out earlier this month. It has a ton of features, including a final table read, two hours of deleted scenes, a blooper reel, and original audition tapes. Adam Scott or John Cho instead of Jon Krasinski as Jim? Seth Rogen in Rainn Wilson’s spot as Dwight? These were possibilities, and it’s fun to watch these actors try out, years later.

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  • Dwight Schrute portrait 1 of 10

    Want an enormous portrait of Dwight Schrute for your TV room? I can't think of a better way to sit in judgment of the new TV season, than under the watchful eye of one of its toughest beet farmers of all time. You have six days to get your bid in for this one, but it's a big ticket item already, with bidding up to $600. 

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  • Andy Bernard’s "Thriller" Costume 2 of 10

    Andy's need to bail on the paper industry for show business took over by the last season, but he never let his Dunder Mifflin duties take away from his performing needs. He wore this Michael Jackson outfit in a deleted scene from the Koi Pond episode in the 6th season.  

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  • Andy Bernard — "Avatar" Costume 3 of 10

    It's $112.50 for Andy's Avatar bodysuit. That's not a lot to ask, really, for all that's going on with this garment, and this auction comes with a Cornell University t-shirt thrown in — Andy's beloved alma mater, naturally. I'm assuming you'll also get the jaunty brown bag, but the listing doesn't say. Take your chances. Roll the dice on this one. 

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  • Pam Beesley — Suit 4 of 10

    If you have an urge to go as Jenna Fischer's Pam Beesley for Halloween, and you happen to be a size six, throw in your bid for this J. Crew skirt and blazer, with a blouse from H&M. It's pretty typical Pam work wear once she graduated from front desk receptionist to paper saleswoman. It's even got "Pam" marked inside the collar for authenticity — or like camp. 

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  • Dwight Schrute — "Tactical Accessories" Set 5 of 10

    If clothing isn't your thing, consider Dwight's "tactical accessories" kit, containing a butane torch and refill cylinder, his "Bear Horn" air horn, a spray can of Mace, and a can of pepper spray. Per the listing: 

    The Torch, Butane Refill, and the Air Horn are all in good working condition. They have been modified using camouflage tape by production. The Mace and Pepper spray are assumed to be in working condition but could not be tested due to the nature of the items. 

    This listing has six days to go, and Dwight's gear is currently going for $102.50.

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  • Stanley’s Business Cards 6 of 10

    I'm not sure I ever saw Stanley actually sell any paper in his nine years of Dunder Mifflin experience, but he had a business card, so he must have had a job. This auction goes for six and a half more days, so there's still plenty of time to beat the current $24.99 offer

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  • Kelly’s Webisode Wedding Dress 7 of 10

    Remember Kelly and Erin's "Subtle Sexuality" music video? Kelly's wedding dress — plus gloves, shoes, and garter — can be yours, if you dare. Bidding is at $100 currently, and you have a little more than two days to drive it up. 

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  • Jim Halpert — Work Outift 8 of 10

    Oh, Jim. I may miss your slightly-rumpled, crooked-smiling self most of all. This Hugo Boss shirt, pants, and tie, plus J. Crew sweater are pretty typical Jim wear. It gets cold in Scranton, after all. This outfit is up to $265 in the bidding, with a little over two days left in the auction. 

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  • Dwight’s Dundie Award 9 of 10

    Michael Scott's Dundie Award went for a mere $621.66 at the auction, but Dwight's, for "Most Promising Assistant Manager," broke the bank when it closed at $15,012.99.

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  • Jim and Pam’s Picture 10 of 10

    This office-ready framed photograph of Jim and Pam was a hot ticket item, selling for $2,026. All information about buyers is private, so it's not known who purchased it, but I'm guessing they were crying even harder when these two got secret married at Niagara Falls than I did. (And I cried pretty hard, I have to admit. Sweetest TV wedding ever, according to my informal list.) 

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