Daddy-Daughter Duo Perfectly Recreate the Lantern Scene from “Tangled”

Prepare for the ultimate Tangled-induced chills, served up by none other than 3-year-old Claire Ryann.

Claire, who we’ve been wowed by before in her tribute to The Little Mermaid, has completely blown everyone away with her latest performance. In the father-daughter duo’s latest musical YouTube video, Claire and her dad beautifully cover the arguably most moving moment of the Tangled film.

It would be one thing to simply comment on the 3-year-old’s adorable singing voice (she truly has talent!), but the fact that the pair recreated the entire lantern scene at The Lantern Fest in Salt Lake City, UT is nothing short of magical.

Seeing her croon this emotional song while dressed as Rapunzel (complete with a flower crown!), sitting atop her dad’s shoulders glancing up at the twinkling lanterns in awe, is pretty moving. At one point they’re even in a row boat — just like Flynn and Rapunzel!

Did we mention that Claire’s dad makes an awesome Flynn Rider? We love that he dressed the part to sing along with his daughter. Even a chameleon like Pascal makes a cameo, proving they truly thought of everything.

In summary, once again, this little girl has my Disney-fan heart bursting at the seams.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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