Australian Comedian Breaks Down the Many (Many) Struggles of Having Bigger Boobs

If your boobs look like “two Glad bags full of soup” when your bra comes off, Tanya Hennessy feels you. The Australian comedian and popular YouTuber just released a video that’s quickly going viral about life with large breasts, and leaving those of us with ample chests shouting, “YAAASSS, GIRL!  Same!”

In the hilarious clip, titled “Big Boob Issues,” Hennessy tackles the many struggles those of us with larger breasts face on a daily basis — all in a tongue-in-cheek manner, of course.

Struggles include:

  • The insanely inflated price for large size bras (when you’re lucky enough to find them at all).
  • The frustrating lack of choices — AKA having to choose between ugly beige and … ugly beige.
  • The sad but true fact that lace, while pretty to look at, just isn’t supportive.
  • Having random strangers suggest you get a breast reduction.
  • Needing to wear multiple sports bras while exercising so you don’t get smacked in the face with your own boobs.  (“It happened once.  I went to the hospital,” Hennessy says.)
  • The lack of swimwear available for anyone over a D cup.
  • The inability to wear spaghetti straps, strapless, or backless dresses pretty much ever.
  • Having to wear a bra to bed because your boobs need the support at all times.

Hennessy also mentions the joys of getting “gravel burn” at a wedding, because of a bridesmaid dress that wasn’t made for big boobs. Been there, done that — and have the horrible pictures of my DD boobs sagging in a bridesmaid dress that didn’t allow for a bra to show for it.

And now, it seems my teenage daughter is also learning the burdens well herself: She recently borrowed her boyfriend’s favorite shirt and popped a button by the end of the day. Because boobs. As in she has them and he doesn’t, so his shirt was not accommodating enough. Fortunately, she taught herself to sew a few years ago and now the button is back in place, stronger than before. (Truth be told, it was a red plaid flannel shirt, very similar to one Hennessy had button trouble with in the video.)

Hennessy’s various “Big Boob Issues” are clearly resonating — within 24 hours, the video received over a million and a half Facebook views and over 15,000 comments from big breasted ladies like me who know the struggle is real. The comment section is also chock-full of women sharing their stories of struggle with larger breasts. Suggestions have even been offered for the best places to find affordable and maybe even slightly cute (fingers crossed) bras in a wide range of sizes. Tips are being exchanged, too; such as giving a quick swipe of deodorant under your boobs in the morning to help avoid heat rash during the day. (Genius!)

Yep — large busted ladies are coming together in sisterhood, all thanks to Hennessy speaking up and keeping it real. And women with small boobs are also joining in, saying they have trouble finding bras in their size, too. It just goes to show we all have our burdens to face. Those of us with big boobs just do it with backaches wearing thick beige straps.

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