Target Says It Will Ease Into the Christmas Season to Save Our Collective Sanity

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Editor’s Note: A statement from Target has clarified that while holiday merchandise and signage will be found throughout Target stores beginning in early November, as it has been in years past, holiday signage will not be placed at the front entrances of stores or take precedence until after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Summer’s over! The leaves are changing! And by the looks of all the holiday decor slowly inching its ways through the store aisles, the holidays are practically upon us!

Er, wait. No, that’s not right. Halloween hasn’t even happened yet. Fall basically just started. Can the stores all seriously settle down just a bit? We still have a few weeks left to enjoy our pumpkin spice lattes and snuggle up in our sweatshirts for the first time before the Christmas insanity overtakes every waking moment of every day? Well, Target says yes, we can. Because Target loves us.

According to multiple reports, Target says it’s heard loud and clear that its customers want to put a hold on the so-called “Christmas creep” this year, and as a result, will be waiting to ease into holiday promotions so it can pay due respect to first Halloween, and then Thanksgiving.

What?! No giant Santas towering over aisles 5-10 before our kids have even trick or treated?! FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, THANK YOU, TARGET.

“They want us to pause, and be really intentional and recognize Thanksgiving,” chief marketing officer Rick Gomez said, according to CBS News. (They = us!) “What they don’t want us to do is go right into Christmas. So, we are going to respect that.”

Target is pledging to actually let shoppers enjoy all that the months of October and November bring here in the United States, which means stores will be keeping up Thanksgiving signs and displays at their entrances and even playing up the marketing surrounding Thanksgiving, to give it its time in the spotlight.

Listen, I love the holiday season. I come from a long line of Christmas-obsessed women. My grandmother lived for it. My mother lives for it. We go all out. Our kids have their own tiny trees in their rooms. We blast Christmas music for weeks and have tradition after tradition after tradition that we hold dear.


THE WINTER HOLIDAY SEASON DOES NOT START IN OCTOBER, PEOPLE! So thank you, Target, for letting us enjoy other holidays that come first.

There are plenty of other changes coming our way this year at our beloved Target, too. Recognizing that most in-store shoppers are spending their cash on the weekends, Target is reportedly replacing its “10 Days of Deals” with Weekend Deals, which kick off on November 11 and run throughout the month of December. The website will also be adding some cool new features, like a “GiftNow” button on all products, so you can send them as an e-gift. One added perk of this new feature? It allows the giftee to change the color or size before the item gets shipped — or allows them to switch to a different product altogether, if needed. (How cool is that?)

Target also clearly knows it needs to keep up with Walmart and Amazon when it comes to convenience, so the retail giant is beefing up its online options, too — like having more stores available to ship from, and guaranteeing 2-day shipping more than before. Plus, the company is adding curbside pickup (a popular Walmart feature) to more stores this year. Yippeeeee!

But so far, Target’s kicking things off by just focusing on Halloween and Thanksgiving, and for that, we loyal Target shoppers are eternally grateful. After turkey day, I’ll go as nuts as I’d like with the tinsel and gingerbread. But for now, I’ll enjoy my pumpkin spice latte while perusing your Thanksgiving decorations for a few extra weeks, thankyouverymuch.

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