Target Is Launching a New Home Decor Line, and Yup, You’ll Be Obsessed with This One Too

Just when we start to think we’ve got our Target habit under control, the retail giant goes and releases something new and amazing that reels us back in — like a magnet coming for our wallets. And this week is no exception: Target is reportedly launching a brand-new home decor line called Opalhouse this spring, and by the looks of it so far, you’re probably gonna blow whatever funds you have left after going nuts on the Chip and Joanna Gaines collection.

According to a press release, Opalhouse will include some 1,300 home items ranging from bedding and bath to decor and furniture, all with colorful, midcentury-inspired design touches. But — and here’s the best part — because we’re talking about Target here, the collection’s main perk is that it’s SUPER wallet-friendly, with most items sitting comfortably below the $30 range.


“About 90 percent of our guests like to mix and match styles to create a personalized look within their homes,” Target shared in a press release this week. “So in 2017 we set out to introduce a number of new brands with clear and distinct points of view that have the flexibility to work together.”

Well, they certainly nailed it. Sneak-peek photos of the collection were released earlier this week, and let me just say … it is gorgeous.

Image Source: Target

That mirror? NEED. That rug? DOUBLE NEED. That adorable elephant planter thing? Never met a plant I could actually keep alive before, but NEED THAT TOO.

Also, how much do you love everything that is going on in this photo:

Image Source: Target

I’m also mentally drafting up plans to move to a new apartment with a stand-alone tub, because this bathroom … ? I just can’t:

Image Source: Target

Opalhouse will also have plenty of throw and floor pillow options to choose from — each one more colorful than the next.

Image Source: Target

And then there’s this glass and gold-accented pineapple lamp, which is truly a sight to behold:

Image Source: Target

Honestly, I don’t even need a new lamp, but does it really matter? Does it ever matter what we REALLY went to Target for in the first place once we enter its doors, are inexplicably possessed, and suddenly find our cart steering its way into the home section because WE JUST WANTED SOME CLOTH NAPKINS BUT OMG WOULD YOU LOOK AT THOSE PROJECT 62 ACCENT TABLES?

Opalhouse officially hits stores and online April 8. Godspeed to you all on not totally blowing through your savings on it in one day. (I, however, cannot make any promises.)

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