Target Is Rolling Out Same-Day Delivery, So Get Ready to Blow All Your Money

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It’s no secret that the giant retailer to compete with is Amazon. From department stores in malls to the grocery store down the street, everyone is feeling the pressure to deliver the goods. And fast. First, Amazon Prime gave us 2-day shipping, and now in some parts of the country, your order can arrive within a few hours! Well, grocery stores are taking notice that people like to stay home in warm, comfy pajamas and have their meats and cheeses delivered to their doorsteps — just like everything else. And who do we love as much as Amazon Prime? That’s right, our bestie Target is coming in with the win.

In 18 cities throughout the Southeast, including Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville, Target shoppers will now be able to buy and receive their orders via SAME DAY DELIVERY using their Shipt membership. (FYI: Shipt memberships cost $49, but will increase to $99 per year soon, so get on that, people!)

Listen girls, I know we love our Target runs … especially when we can sneak one in without kiddos. And especially-especially if our Target has a Starbucks at the entrance. And triple especially when the Dollar Spot is well-stocked. But, who am I kidding? We love Target no matter what.

But sometimes we need milk and bananas pronto. Or the baby is sick and we are running out of formula and diapers. Or Mom needs tampons and has no desire to go out (for obvious reasons). Imagine hopping online, plugging in your order, and ding-dong! Your items appear a few hours later.

Sorry, fave Target cashier, but I may opt for home delivery once in a while if it comes to my town. It’s not that I don’t love long, leisurely walks through the craft aisle (My kids would LOVE those scented markers!), seasonal aisle greatness (This giant Valentine’s Day heart would be adorbs on my front door!), and home goods aisle spectaculars (I really feel like the 11 throw pillows we have isn’t enough) … because you know I do. But it’s February and 1 degree Fahrenheit outside today. ONE DEGREE. So not even a caramel latte in my cart is going to get me to go outside today. But it’s good to know that if the kids needs Cheetos (and by kids, I really mean Mom), you can still help us out.

And if you’re worried about cashiers losing their jobs, it turns out that the home-delivery industry is actually generating more jobs. WREG, the local news station in Memphis reports that “The company plans to hire more than 4,000 shoppers in the Southeast to fulfill orders.”

So either way, whether it’s you strolling through the frozen pizza aisle trying to maintain your Mom of the Year status or a Target employee doing the shopping for you, it’s still Target — your first love and main squeeze. #RedBullseye4ever

h/t: WREG

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