Texas Police Officer Dresses Up as Superheroes to Inspire Kids Fighting Cancer

As a mom with two sons, I can attest to the joy and excitement my boys feel when they come face-to-face with a superhero. From Superman to Batman to The Avengers, they are all so big and  brave and just so cool if you are a kid.

Damon Cole
Image source: Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer

But now imagine you are a child who is sick. Imagine you are stuck in the hospital while all of your friends are at school or playing outside. Imagine you see your parents cry and know that they are scared. But then, a superhero walks in the room and all the badness is washed away. That’s exactly the magical moment that police officer Damon Cole creates when he transforms into heroes who save the world and visit children fighting cancer.

Damon Cole
Image source: Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer

Officer Cole knows these kids are fighters and superheroes in their own right. But being able to brighten their day and give them a little bit of extra courage when they need it most drives him to complete this mission that takes him to hospitals and children’s homes all over the country.

Damon Cole
Image source: Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer

The Fort Worth cop shares on his website Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer:

“During the course of my career I have dealt with countless children. It is important to keep in mind that when I am dealing with them as a police officer, it is not always in a good light. So I wanted to try and make a positive impact on the children that I come in contact with through my work. Every child should know that a police officer is always there to help them get through anything.”

That’s where his superhero alter ego comes in.

Damon Cole Charger
Image source: Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer

Cole says that since 2012, he’s been visiting kids in Dallas area hospitals dressed up as superheroes to cheer them up. But in 2015 he heard of a boy name Bryce who was very ill. Only Bryce didn’t live in Dallas, he lived in Smithton, Illinois — 11 hours away. But that did not deter Cole, who says he simply hopped in his special Superman Dodge Charger and headed north. After a memorable experience visiting Bryce’s school and home, Cole knew he had a special gift that he could share with kids all over the country.

Cole shares on Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer that he has dressed up as the following heroes:

Iron Man
Batman (The Dark Knight & Dawn of Justice)
Optimus Prime from Transformers
Bumblebee from Transformers
Baymax from Big Hero 6
Captain America
The Incredible Hulk
Black Panther
Armored Batman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“I give every child I go see an arm band with ‘Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer’ on it,” Cole says. “I tell them that it has super powers on it and it will help them beat cancer or whatever illness they are dealing with but they have to do one thing for me. I then tell them that they can NEVER GIVE UP, they have to keep fighting for me.”

What a special surprise this visit must be for kids who are fighting so much more than they should have to.

Damon Cole and daughter
Image source: Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer

Cole, dad to an 10-year-old girl named Savannah, says that anyone can contact him through his website to request a visit. All of his visits are made on his own vacation time and funded with his own income. All he wants is to inspire these kids to keep fighting and make them feel special during their darkest hour.

Thank you, Officer Cole, not only for your service as a police officer, but for your incredible generosity shown to these children. We all need a superhero now and then to swoop in and save the day, but more importantly, help us be brave and believe in ourselves.

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