41 Hilarious Tweets to Recap Last Night’s Episode of ‘The Bachelor’

Image source: The Walt Disney Company
Image Source: The Walt Disney Company

Well, here we are. We’ve made it through another week of The Bachelor, and it truly feels like a miracle. Things got heavy this week, thanks to a very emotionally intense volleyball game, Kristina’s story about her childhood, and yet another 2-on-1 date. Not to mention the introduction of Lorna the housekeeper, who is basically the St. Thomas version of Corrine’s nanny, Raquel. (We’ve never seen Corrine so excited.)

Simply put, this week of Nick’s journey was WILD. And you better believe #BachelorNation had a lot to say about it on Twitter. Here are some of our favorite tweets that perfectly capture the craziness of last night:

We were left with a cliffhanger last week, so we couldn’t wait for things to get started. And things did not disappoint …

First up: A 2-on-1 date with Taylor and Corrine. (Is there anything more climactic than the moment a staff member pulls away that one single suitcase? GAH!)

Followed by that weird moment Corrine “thought” she was having an anxiety attack. (Excuse us, our eyes are rolling SO hard … )

We had a glimmer of hope (and fear?) when Taylor returned, thinking she and Corrine could both go home. But NOPE.

Once again, Corrine proved she is here to stay (at least for one more week). And let’s just say, it left #BachelorNation with some … feelings. 

And as if that dramatic 2-on-1 wasn’t enough to handle, next came an even more dramatic rose ceremony …

Can we all agree that we were kind of devastated to see dolphin/shark Alexis go home?

And it did not go unnoticed that Jaimi was sent home while visiting her hometown. 

Then Nick and his ladies jetted off to St. Thomas!

But before he had even reached land, Twitter was freaking out — about his shorts.

Once there, Nick headed out on a 1-on-1 date with Kristina, during which it became pretty clear #BachNation totally loves her.

Meanwhile, Corrine was BEYOND excited to meet a new nanny replacement friend at the hotel: the housekeeper, Lorna.


While on her date with Nick, we got to learn more about Kristina’s backstory, which … well, absolutely wrecked us. She’s incredible.

And we weren’t the only ones to get emotional: Even Kristina cried watching the date.

But our moods were lightened with that upbeat group date on the beach!  … Oh, wait. 

Hey, at least in the midst of everyone crying and storming we off, we had Raven to cheer us up. LOL.

Honestly, the disaster of a day turned into a disaster of an evening.

Mainly for Jasmine, who was FREAKING out and saying she wanted to “choke” Nick before he sent her home. (Gee, we can’t imagine why … )

And just when we thought this episode couldn’t get any more crazy … ANOTHER 2-ON-1!

At this point, we couldn’t believe there was still 30 minutes left in the episode. (Are we the only ones who needed an emotional break mid-way?)

Then Nick took Danielle L. to an abandoned prison, which was … interesting.

But it also just got us all sorts of confused. Will Nick actually end up with ANYONE?!

If last night proved anything, it’s that this season has reached a whole new level of dramatic. And we are loving every. single. minute.

Can’t wait for next week !

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