16 Hilarious Tweets to Recap Last Night’s Episode of ‘The Bachelor’

Image source: ABC
Image source: ABC

We’re a few weeks into Nick Viall’s journey to the final rose and we have never been more entertained. From a dairy farm date and roller skating to a verbal battle between Corrine and Taylor, the cast this season is really going for it — and we have loved every minute of it. Clearly, so has the rest of the audience.

As #BachelorNation trending on Twitter last night, we couldn’t stop laughing at the hilarious reactions of our fellow viewers. So here are just a few of the best tweets that not only recap the episode, but also give us a great laugh.

Leave it to a Bachelor veteran to explain why crazy Corrine is still here.

We’re used to contestants being taken to exotic locations, but these lucky ladies were headed to Milwaukee.

Little did they know, Nick’s parents were nearby giving him some #realtalk.

Then Nick whisked Danielle L. off on a one-on-one. Which was adorable .. until his ex showed up.

Of course, the magic continued into a beautiful evening (we’re still swooning over Danielle’s plunging neckline).

Just when we thought things couldn’t get classier, the group arrived for a date on a dairy farm. Corrine was thrilled.

What’s more farm-like and fun than milking cows? Scooping poop, of course!

Good thing Corinne rested, because she was all fired up to confront the girls about their continued displeasure with her disrespectful napping.

Then Kristina uttered our favorite Bachelor phrase!

Next up, Nick took Raven on a sweet hometown date to hang with the fam.

She then blew ALL OF US away with her cheaters revenge story. Note to self: don’t mess with Raven.

Finally, the Corrine/Taylor drama we’ve been teased with all night!

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