23 Hilarious Tweets to Recap Last Night’s Episode of ‘The Bachelor’

This week’s episode started with a verbal rumble and ended with suspense, which is all any fan can hope for on a Bachelor Monday. There was a lot hype for last night’s portion of Nick’s romantic journey, as we were teased with an epic 2-on-1 elimination date featuring our favorite villain, Corrine, and the mental health professional, Taylor.

We could barely contain our excitement and shock, often screaming out things like “WHY NICK, WHY!” and “DID SHE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?!” Luckily for us, we always have #BachelorNation to keep us company. Here are some of our favorite tweets of the night to recap the evening.

The claws came out immediately between Corrine and Taylor.

We then went right into a dramatic rose ceremony.

Then the ladies and Nick were off to New Orleans! 

… And our anticipation of the sure-to-be entertaining 2-on-1 grew.

In the meantime, we indulged in Rachel and Nick’s first 1-on-1.

The date was so sweet, but we couldn’t help but giggle at Nick.

The girls were ecstatic about their group date … until they discovered they had to spend the whole date in a haunted house. Yikes.

No, but really. You couldn’t pay us to go on this scary AF date.

Meanwhile, back at the penthouse Corrine prepped for her 2-on-1.

Back at the haunted house, Danielle H and Vanessa asked the ghost for some rose-worthy validation.

And Raven casually let it slip that she’s in love with Nick (!!!). 

Finally! We made it to the Bayou for the Corrine/Taylor show down!

Ah, Corrine. Your one-liners never let us down.

Twitter was as feisty as Taylor and Corrine were to each other!

But our fave part was when the Bachelor leaves the rejected girl behind in a random location.

How is it only like Week 5?!

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