The Best and Worst Entertainment Moments of 2013

Oh yes. It’s a list! Before you dive in allow me to make a disclaimer. This list is MY LIST of the best and worst entertainment moments of 2013. I can pretty much promise you that you will not agree with some of the moments or people or items here. My own mother has taunted me for my music choices on this list.

I hope you see this collection as an invitation and not a gauntlet thrown. I am sharing things like my favorite movie and book of 2013 because I really want to know those things from you. I want to know who your favorite celebrity couple of the year was and what was the most profound celebrity headline for you?

Do we agree on the worst pop culture moment of the year? What about the best new TV show of 2013?

Just remember, in the wise words of William Shatner, “Every piece of entertainment is made with the idea that ‘This is going to be terrific’ and ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever done’ and then it hits the public and then the public tells you whether it’s good or bad.”

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  • Best Celebrity Couple of 2013: Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell 2 of 16

    Dax and Kristen had a big 2013! Earlier in the year Dax announced he had started blogging and his first post was about the loss of his father to cancer. The couple welcomed their daughter, Lincoln, in March. When DOMA was overturned Dax and Kristen got married on Spirit Day.


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  • Best Music of 2013: Yo La Tengo and Phosphorescent 3 of 16

    Trying to figure out my favorite song of 2013 was HARD. Of course I love all of the songs my son loves to sing in the car (which means all things Mumford and Sons and Train) but when it comes to a personal fave of the year, I keep coming back to "Ohm" by Yo La Tengo. Not only is this a catchy and yet chill song, the video is one of the most creative I have seen in a long time. 

    Watch the video for "Ohm"


    My favorite album of the year is the beautiful and captivating Muchacho by Phosphorescent. If you haven't been introduced to this band I am actually excited for you because OMG they are great. This is one of my favorite albums to work to. The songs feel like ambiance, but they build and inspire. The album is truly a work of art. 

    Listen to the entire Muchacho album


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  • Best Celebrity Satisfaction of 2013: Jennifer Lawrence 4 of 16

    I bet if there was a poll that asked, "Which celebrity would you like to invite to your girl's night?" that Jennifer Lawrence would be one of the top responses. She is having a great year, career-wise, but what I have enjoyed the most is the in-between moments. The woman ROCKS at an interview and radiates clever.

    Check out this perfectly named: 21 Times Jennifer Lawrence Totally Nailed The Whole Interview Thing


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  • Best Book of 2013: Eleanor & Park 5 of 16

    I read more books this year than I have in a long time. I fell in love with a new genre and that is in large part to John Green's review of Eleanor & Park in the New York Times. Green says, "Eleanor & Park reminded me not just what it's like to be young and in love with a girl, but also what it's like to be young and in love with a book." The book swept me away back to 1986 and stuck with me for months. 


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  • Best Multi-Talented Celebs of 2013: Julianne Moore and Patrick Dempsey 6 of 16

    Julianne Moore has had an amazing year with the success of her children's book series Freckleface Strawberry. In November the actress signed a 5-book deal with Random House.


    Patrick Dempsey has a full side-career as a successful race car driver. The actor signed a 2-year deal with Porsche with his race program, and he has done exceptionally well on many courses this year including coming in 2nd at ALMS' Petit Le Mans. Patrick also works with his charity all year 'round. 


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  • Best Twitter Celebs of 2013: Zach Braff and Anna Kendrick 7 of 16

    Celebrities on Twitter often have meeeeeelions of followers, but it is still rare to find a celebrity who genuinely Tweets stuff that doesn't make you cringe or roll your eyes. I follow some celebrities because I am simply a fan and I want to know what they are up to (waving at you Dolly Parton!) but there are two celebrities I follow because they never fail to crack me up:


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  • Best Movie of 2013: The Heat 8 of 16

    I should explain what I mean by "best" here, because I am betting seeing The Heat listed as "The Best Movie of 2013" made some of you laugh. I saw many movies this year but out of all of them I had the best time watching The Heat. This is one of those personal choice moments. I needed a movie that could provide an escape and entertain and this one did that and more. 


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  • Hardest Headline of 2013: Angelina Jolie 9 of 16

    I remember seeing a tweet early in the morning on May 14, 2013 from a friend. It was something like, "so sad to read about Angelina..." Instantly I thought The Worst and looked in the news for details. I was completely surprised by the headline, which wasn't exactly a headline, other than, "OMG Angelina just wrote this thing - GO READ IT NOW!" And then the world learned about her medical choice that involved preventive double mastectomy. It was surprising that someone who is usually so private had become so open with her health. She created an international dialogue about women's health, breast cancer, and privilege.


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  • Worst Pop Culture Moment of 2013: "Blurred Lines" Everything 10 of 16

    So. Over. This. Song. And everything attached to it. Once upon a time it was a catchy song to sing in the car, but then it just fizzled into ick. (My apologies to you if it continues to remain on your "Best" list) Yes, it was totally cute and fun when Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performed the song with Robin, but where we've ended up is with Miley residue. 


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  • Best New TV Shows of 2013: Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards 11 of 16

    There were a LOT of great story lines on TV this year. I was particularly swept away by plots on Girls, Scandal, Homeland, and Revenge. As for NEW shows of 2013 I was drawn to Netflix and the ability to watch as many episodes as I wanted. Orange Is the New Black made me laugh, cringe, cry, and buy (and then regret buying) the book that the series is based on. House of Cards is BRILLIANT. It satisfies The West Wing urges I so often get (and that The Newsroom has yet to deliver). 


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  • Celebrity Disappointment of 2013: Reese Witherspoon 12 of 16

    Reese disappointed with some headlines in 2013. She made the rounds apologizing to the media for her behavior on the night her husband was arrested for a DUI. According to updates in The Hollywood Reporter, Reese said: "She 'literally panicked' when she saw her husband was being arrested and told the officer 'all kinds of crazy things.'"


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  • Best Social Good Celeb of 2013: Taylor Swift 13 of 16

    It's official: Taylor Swift really IS that nice. The singer-songwriter has been listed as the number one celebrity "do gooder" for the 2nd year in a row by Do Something. I've never been a super fan, but I do admire how she seems to put her whole heart into everything. She seems to embrace the role of role model.


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  • Worst Celebrity Ads of 2013: Bill Hader and Heidi Klum 14 of 16

    Thankfully there were no commercials as comically awful as Brad Pitt's 2012 Chanel No. 5 offering, but Bill Hader's T-Mobile ad and Heidi Klum's Carl Jr. commercial were less than awesome.


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  • Best Celebrity Ad of 2013: Jean Claude Van Damme 15 of 16

    ZOMG did you SEE the Volvo truck commercial with Jean-Claude Van Damme? I can not imagine any of us are in the market for a Volvo truck, and yet I have watched this commercial over and over again because it is So. Cool. 

    Watch the epic split (seriously. WATCH IT.)


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  • Hardest Loss of 2013: Roger Ebert 16 of 16

    There have been many losses in the entertainment world this year. So many have left us too soon and in unexpected and shocking ways. Roger Ebert's death was the hardest loss for me this year. Even though he battled through illness after illness, he always somehow pushed through. I feel his loss when I find myself wondering what he would have thought about a new release, and it is with that realization that I know I will miss him and his opines on film forever. 


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