The Jimmy Kimmel Wedding Registry

Congratulations to Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney. In a small but celebrity-filled ceremony in Ojai, California, the late night talk show host and his co-head writer became husband and wife.

US Weekly is reporting that Molly, “walked down the aisle with her father. And at the end of the ceremony, she and her new husband exited to George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord.'”

Friends who witnessed the event on Saturday afternoon included Jennifer Aniston and fiance Justin Theroux, Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi, Emily Blunt and husband John Krasinski, Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon and wife Luciana, and Gabourey Sidibe who arrived to the wedding in a beautiful white wedding dress and gown in a fantastic wedding prank.

It’s often hard to know what to get a celebrity for a wedding gift. Knowing what to get Jimmy and his bride must be especially daunting. Last year Jimmy Kimmel spoofed one of the more unusual campaign fundraising ideas from President Obama’s reelection campaign with a fake ad for the “Obama Event Registry.” The fundraising idea was that young couples could ask loved ones to donate towards the reelection campaign as a wedding gift.

Kimmel took great offense to the tag line of the Event Registry, “a campaign donation goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.” Kimmel’s response was, “Not if you like gravy!

With that consideration in mind I thought I would help some of the (assistants of the) celebrities who attended the wedding with some gift ideas for the newlyweds.

Gravy Gift Ideas for Jimmy Kimmel

  • Jimmy Kimmel Just Got Married 1 of 9
    Jimmy Kimmel Just Got Married: Check out our wedding gift ideas!

    Jimmy has said he let his new bride take the lead on planning their wedding. Here's to hoping some of his friends come through for him with great and useful wedding gifts!


    Image Credit: PR Photos

  • Over 100 Gravy Recipes for the Couple to Enjoy 2 of 9

    Jo Franks' gravy cookbook is the gold standard for gravy cookbooks. If you are in need of over 100 recipes for gravy, this is THE book. This would make a nice book to gift the couple before they take off on their honeymoon. Available exclusively from Barnes and Noble.


    Image Credit: Barnes and Noble

  • Make the Gravy and Pour from Same Dish 3 of 9

    Artist Tracy Manso Potter is just as passionate about her gravy as Jimmy is. She was looking for one beautiful dish where she could make her gravy and then serve it. When she couldn't find such a dish she decided to create one. 


    Image Credit: Tracy Manso Potter

  • Ladle Up Some Awesomesauce 4 of 9

    Who doesn't want a serving spoon for awesomesauce? I want to get married JUST so that I can register for this spoon. Artist Elisa Mardegan hand-stamps words onto beautiful vintage spoons.


    Image Credit:  Elisa Mardegan

  • Goose Gravy Bowl from Italy 5 of 9

    It would be a lovely nod to Jimmy's Italian heritage for one of his guests to purchase him a vintage Italian goose gravy bowl. This one found at the Etsy shop of Esther Thomas is in mint condition and comes with a spoon.


    Image Credit: Esther Thomas

  • Every Couple Needs a Drizzle Spoon 6 of 9

    We have all heard about gravy lump debates. With a new marriage starting, a gravy drizzle spoon would certainly stop any lump fights from happening. The creator of the spoon made it with four "spouts" so that the user could determine how lumpy they wanted their gravy to be.


    Image Credit:  Romey Jenn Vincent

  • This Corn Dish Doubles as Soup Tureen 7 of 9

    We all assume celebrities have tons of countertop space, but sometimes it is just really nice to be able to have a dish in the kitchen that can serve two purposes. This corn gravy dish can also be used as a soup tureen!


    Image Credit: Neil Sellers

  • This Homemade Wagon Doubles as Candy Dish 8 of 9

    When artist Nathan Bray designed this gravy boat he had the kids in mind. This would be a nice and whimsical gravy boat Jimmy's kids could enjoy as well!


    Image Credit: Nathan Bray

  • Help the Couple Show Off Their Gravy Pride 9 of 9

    An Mmmm gravy boat really is the perfect way for Jimmy's friends to let him know they get him. They really and truly get him. This one is extra large.


    Image Credit: Casey Roberts

What gravy gift would you gift to Jimmy and his new bride?
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