‘The Magic School Bus’ Is Officially Returning, Thanks to Netflix

Netflix has already charmed us with reboots of Gilmore Girls and Full House, but we’re super excited that they seem to be continuing the trend. Next up on the list? The children’s classic Magic School Bus!

It’s been 22 years since we’ve boarded the Magic School Bus with Ms. Frizzle to learn about science and outer space, which is why we were thrilled back in 2014 when Netflix announced plans to recreate the series. While production has taken a little while to get going (with original plans to premiere in 2016), producer Stu Stone revealed to TMZ this week that it’s now officially underway — and there’s a lot in store for us original School Bus fans. Stone himself has strong ties to the original (he was, after all, the voice of Ralphie!), and says that many of the original cast members have signed on for new roles in the Netflix version of the show.

Image source: Netflix
Image source: Netflix

While none of the official voice actors have been announced yet, we’re hoping the hilarious Lily Tomlin reprises her role as the all-knowledgeable Ms. Frizzle. (That would give her two starring roles in a Netflix series, considering Grace & Frankie is still going strong.)

But even if Tomlin doesn’t rejoin the cast, we can still probably look forward to lots of other celeb voice cameos. At least, if this version closely mirrors the original — if you recall, all of Ms. Frizzle’s friends the class encountered on one of their adventures was some kind of noteworthy celeb.

Here’s hoping it’ll be well worth the wait!

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