The Rise of the Selfie! 15 Selfie-Happy Celebs

Picture the typical scene: The kids are asleep, I’m at my desk, cup of tea in hand, doing a bit of social networking.

And there among the photos of people’s dinners and their amazing holidays, there it is, looming out at me: The Selfie. The self portrait that has recently become the artistic expression du jour. Everyone is at it — even Madonna has gotten in on the act!  More than ever before, we relentlessly document our lives on all available platforms for the world to see.

It’s hard to believe, but Techdirt says that a whopping 4% of photos ever created are on Facebook! It begs the question: Why do we have to share everything we do? Is it not valid if we don’t share it? Is projecting yourself online a way of garnering praise and warranting attention, or do we simply just want to evoke jealousy in others? Is sharing a selfie genuinely a way to share a moment with our friends, colleagues, and family? Or perhaps it’s an expression of self love, or a way to build our own personal ‘brand’ — or all three?  What of the full body or bikini shots? Are they to share or to show off? Are we so insecure that we need strangers to validate us? Or are we just keen to constantly be on a platform that gains us interest/admirers?

I’ll admit, I have “hidden” some friends on Facebook who excessively post pictures of themselves. One great shot before someone heads out for a date/wedding/party, I can do — but an ex-hairdresser of mine posts a photo of himself every day! He doesn’t even change his hair in between! Now he has two businesses and two children, and I wouldn’t have thought he would have the time to be such a dedicated poster. But that’s the thing: It is so quick and easy to upload a selfie on all sorts of platforms — Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Instagram — that it seems everyone wants to get in on the action.

So, who selfies the best? In the UK, the gossip columns tend to be filled with selfies from less well-known celebs who insist on updating their fans daily — mostly in bikinis!

Below are 15 celebs who know the power of a good selfie.

So what do you guys think? Are selfies a good or bad thing?

  • Kim Kardashian 1 of 15
    kim k

    She may not have posted a selfie since she gave birth to daughter North, but in the past, Kim K. has been a BIG fan of posting shots of herself!

    Photo credit: Instagram

  • Rihanna 2 of 15

    Rihanna in clothed selfie shock! More famous for taking selfies in bikinis, Ri-Ri sure knows how to show off her best assets!

    Photo Credit: Instagram

  • Miranda Kerr 3 of 15

    Supermodels rarely take a bad photo, and Miranda Kerr looks amazing in every selfie she takes. The mom of one looks great even without makeup!

    Photo credit: Instagram

  • Heidi Klum 4 of 15

    Heidi loves to show shots of her on her fabulous holidays and selfies all along the way. The mom of four looks great!

    Photo credit: Instagram

  • Snooki 5 of 15

    Mom of one, reality star Snooki is never shy about sharing her selfies — and her nails look amazing in every one! 

    Photo Credit: Instagram

  • Helen Flanagan 6 of 15
    helen f

    You may not have heard of ex-soap star Helen, but here in the UK she is the most avid lover of selfies. Rarely a day goes by without Helen posting up a storm. Still, there's no such thing as bad publicity, is there?

    Photo credit: Instagram

  • Cheryl Cole 7 of 15

    Pop star Cheryl, formerly of band Girls Aloud, is fond of the odd selfie. If I looked as gorgeous as Cheryl, I would be selfie-ing every day!

    Photo credit: Instagram

  • Alessandra Ambrosio 8 of 15

    Supermodel Alessandra knows how to find her best selfie angle.

    Photo credit: Instagram

  • Fergie 9 of 15

    New mom Fergie posted this selfie just two weeks before she gave birth, calling it 'Earth Mommy.'

    Photo credit: Instagram

  • Madonna 10 of 15
    madonna selfie

    Recently, queen of self-publicity, Madonna, has gotten in on the act, even posting a shot of herself at her 55th birthday party. This selfie was taken a few months ago at a photo shoot. 

     Photo credit: Instagram

  • Jennifer Hudson 11 of 15

    Oscar-winning actress and singer Jennifer perfects the selfie that looks like it isn't posed. The trick is simply not to look down at the camera lens and voila! The "non-selfie" selfie!

    Photo credit: Instagram

  • Cara Delevingne and her pal Rita Ora 12 of 15

    Hot model of the moment Cara Delevingne frequently posts shots of herself at various modeling shoots and nights out. She especially loves to share pics of herself with her famous buddies, like singer Rita Ora, pictured above.

    Photo credit: Instagram

  • Ryan Seacrest 13 of 15
    ryan sea

    And it isn't just the ladies who are big selfie fans. The boys are getting in on the action, too! TV host Ryan Seacrest likes to post a selfie or two ...

    Photo credit: Instagram

  • Justin Bieber 14 of 15

    But not as many as Justin Bieber! He sure knows how to keep his millions of fans happy. Haven't seen a bad selfie of him yet!

    Photo Credit: Instagram 

  • Kelly Brook 15 of 15

    British model and actress Kelly Brook posts a selfie almost daily. Normally she posts flattering pics, but she also knows how to show her silly side by posting selfies like the one above. 

    Photo credit: Instagram

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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