Dentist’s Parody of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” Makes Us Actually Want to Schedule a Cleaning

Getting kids to brush their teeth is never easy (you would think we were trying to pull them by the way they react). And taking them to the annual dental checkup without a complaint? HA. Good luck.

But it seems a UK dentist named Dr. Milad Shadrooh is setting out to make a trip to the dentist … well, fun (if you can imagine that). Known as The Singing Dentist, Shadrooh frequently parodies popular songs with dental-themed lyrics to teach kids about the benefits of good oral hygiene. Among his previous hits is “Gappy,” a parody of Pharrell’s “Happy” about preventing gingivitis.

But this week, the Internet is buzzing about his latest video, “Save Your Tooth,” in which he rewords Ed Sheeran’s super timely song “Shape of You. And we can’t get enough!


It all started one day after work, Shadrooh recently explained in a Facebook Live video of his interview with an Australian TV show. He made a video and sent it to a friend. The friend loved it (for obvious reasons), so Shadrooh decided to post it to various dental groups. Because of the great response, he launched his online personality, The Singing Dentist, to educate people on oral hygiene in a fun way.

With each video, Shadrooh entertains viewers with clever lyrics and some pretty sweet eyebrow moves.

“I call them my backing dancers,” Shadrooh explains of his eyebrows — both of which he has actually named. “It’s Beverly and Kev. They’re always with me everywhere I go.” (This guy is clearly hilarious.)

No word yet on whether or not Beverly and Kev whip out their moves during dental appointments, but Shadrooh does share that he sometimes sings to his patients if it makes them more comfortable in the chair. And now that the videos are becoming popular, patients have even started making requests.

“Save Your Tooth” is by far our favorite, though. Especially that chorus: “Come on, don’t be lazy. Just brush.” (We’ve basically said that line to our own kids about a million times.) And we’re not the only ones who love it — when The LAD Bible shared Shadrooh’s video on Facebook, it went viral, racking up over 26M views, 500K likes, and 350K shares.

“I really like doctors with a sense of humor, they make going there tolerable,” wrote one user.

“I had to brush my teeth after watching this, even though I already brushed them. He was just so motivating,” wrote another.

“I’m seriously going to have my 7-year-old listen to this when he brushes his teeth,” one parent added. “He didn’t have any cavities at his last checkup but he always wants to rush through brushing, maybe this will slow him down and brush the right length of time.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re going to try this song for our kids’ bedtime routine tonight. Need more tips from Shadrooh? In the Facebook Live interview, he recommends to start brushing while they’re young so it becomes a habit, have the little ones watch you brush (as kids love to copy us), and make the process fun.

“I’m getting so many messages and responses, you know people saying that ‘Yeah, now the kids are brushing their teeth to your songs,'” he says. “That’s so satisfying for me. Because that was the whole point of doing this, just to make people smile, get them talking about their teeth. And it seems to be working.”

Now if only Shadrooh was our family dentist — maybe the kids wouldn’t be terrified of going back every year. (Okay, and us too.)

h/t: Mashable

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