The Ultimate Fandom: Celebrity Apps

You can go to their concerts or movies. You can buy their t-shirts. You can buy their CDs, DVDs, lunchboxes, shoes, and haircare products. Being a fan has never been easier. And yes, for some celebrities there is also an app for that.

The celebrity app has been around for a while, but it has only just recently started to take off with true fan interactivity. Many of the pioneers in the celebrity app world have faded away as the demand has been for a user experience beyond simply listening to bonus tracks.

A year ago Adrian Grenier, star of HBO’s Entourage and boyfriend of Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, launched a revolutionary celebrity app called Reckless. The app is connected with his production company of the same name, and allows users to have instant access to films, live signings, picture sharing, and autographs.

Earlier this week Dwyane Wade from the Miami Heat became the latest celebrity to release an app. His app, Dwyane Wade Driven, is a training app for athletes. In an interview with The Associated Press, Wade says, “It shows people ways to work out, a lot of different ways to work out, whether it’s basketball drills or not. A lot of people work out at home. A lot of people don’t have access to a gym. A lot of people don’t have trainers. So it’s kind of like I’m the personal trainer for basketball and fitness, and I’ll show them a lot of things I do with my body and for my body.”

I wish more celebrities had apps. As more and more of us fans are using smart phones and tablets daily we are evolving into an app based world, so celebrity websites are starting to feel static and dull. Celebrity apps bring the fans together in a way that simply isn’t possible within traditional social media.

I gathered a list of as many celebrities with apps I could find. If I missed any, let me know!

Celebrities Who Have Apps:

  • Celebs With Apps 1 of 13
    Celebs at the Center of Your Apps

    Now you can take your fandom to the ultimate level by downloading your favorite celebrity's app. Don't see your favorite celeb here? Start Tweeting them to get on the ball! 


    Image Credit: Shutterstock + PR Photo + Author Art

  • Shaquille O’Neal 2 of 13

    Name of App: Shaq Down


    What it is: It's Shaquille O'Neal vs zombies. Haven't you always wondered how the self proclaimed "Superman" of the NBA would handle the undead? 


    How Much: $0.99


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • Snoop 3 of 13

    Name of App: Snoop Lion's Snoopify Mobile Photo App


    What it is: I don't know about you, but I can get tired of the same filters over and over again on Instagram. With Snoop's app you can go a step further and show your friends your view through Snoop colored glasses.


    How Much: Free


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • Mariah Carey 4 of 13

    Name of App: Mariah Carey-oke


    What it is: Do you have a friend who likes to sing Mariah Carey along with the radio? THIS would be the perfect app to gift your pal! It's Mariah + singing + game elements + more than an average app so it shows you really care!


    How Much: $3.99


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • Dwyane Wade 5 of 13

    Name of App: Dwyane Wade Driven


    What it is: Dwyane Wade cares about you and he wants you to get STRONG! Dwyane's new app has videos and motivational messages. I am inspired to work out just looking at the guy. mmmmm hmmmm.


    How Much: $3.99


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • Donna Karen 6 of 13

    Name of App: Donna Karan


    What it is: I love that Donna Karan shares her journal with us on her fashion app. Now you can find out what inspired the designer on her latest collection as well as what women Donna looks up to. 


    How Much: Free


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • Adrian Grenier 7 of 13

    Name of App: Reckless Adrian Grenier


    What it is:  I think Adrian Grenier's app is brilliant. He is allowing giving his fans permission to become paparazzi and insert themselves into his life. With this app he gives fans access to films and production notes as well as behind the scenes treats like autographs.


    How Much: Free


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • Britney Spears 8 of 13

    Name of App: It's Britney!


    What it is: Of course you want to have the Britney Spears app! How else will you find out what she is up to and see photos that only her management team want to release? I actually dig that she seems to embrace the POP in her app and knows her fans want updates as well as silliness. 


    How Much: $1.99


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • T-Pain 9 of 13

    Name of App: I Am T-Pain 2.0


    What it is: The T-Pain app has been around for a while and it keeps getting better. This is one of those apps you pull out at a party and the next thing your know your phone has been passed around to everyone in the room because EVERYONE has to try this app. Bottom line: having this app will make you fun!


    How Much: $2.99


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • Tiger Woods 10 of 13

    Name of App: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12


    What it is: At one point the Tiger Woods app was a best seller. That is all I am going to say about that.


    How Much: $0.99


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt 11 of 13

    Name of App: Jennifer Love Hewitt's Music Box #1


    What it is: Jennifer Love Hewitt's app is essentially a creepy bed time story. I don't get the appeal, but super fans will most likely jump at the chance to have something so, er, quirky, to listen to over and over and over agin.


    How Much: $1.99


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • Samuel L Jackson 12 of 13

    Name of App: iSamJackson


    What it is: Samuel L. Jackson always knows what to say. No need for you to even try to find the words. Simply open this app, select the phrase that fits the moment, and presto! iSam has done you a solid. 


    How Much: $0.99


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

  • David Hasselhoff 13 of 13

    Name of App: Ask the Hoff


    What it is: (note: this app is no longer available from iTunes for download) Shake your iphone and get advice from The Hoff


    (This is an example of the earlier incarnations of celebrity apps...not much to get excited about.)


    How Much: it was free


    Image Credit: PR Photo + App slide from iTunes

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