The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Sherlock Fans

Sherlock fans have it kind of hard. While their adoration ranks among the most obsessive of all fandoms, BBC made them wait a torturous two years between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3. Message boards and Tumblr pages haven’t slept for the past 700+ days. How did Sherlock survive his suicide? Were there clues from “The Reichenbach Fall” that we didn’t see the first time around? What could have POSSIBLY compelled John to grow that mustache? It’s been a rough couple of years, people.

Still, the true Sherlockians of the world never faltered. They never stopped adoring or speculating or creating borderline creepy fan art. And shouldn’t that kind of diehard loyalty be rewarded? We’ve put together a holiday gift guide for any and all Sherlock enthusiasts in your life. From clothing to some serious home decor, this list will have you covered — even if you’ve never seen the brilliant show yourself (first of all, how dare you?).

You may not be able to make January’s premiere arrive any faster, but these gifts will certainly make the wait a little less unbearable.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Sherlock Fans:

  • Obviously. 1 of 19
  • Cluedo: Sherlock Edition 2 of 19

    Play a couple rounds with all your consulting detective friends, or pull a Holmes and impale the board against your wall with a knife. Either way, you win.

    Available at BBC Shop, $35.86

  • "I Am Sherlocked" iPhone Case 3 of 19

    There are zillions of "I Am Sherlocked" products out there, but none feel as appropriate as this iPhone case. This is about as close as we mere mortals will get to Irene Adler's priceless and (almost) impenetrable phone.

    Available at Society6, $35.00

  • Periodic Table of Elements Poster 4 of 19

    A surprisingly colorful poster of the periodic table of elements can be seen on Sherlock's bedroom wall in "A Scandal in Belgravia." This inexpensive buy is pretty close to the one used on the show, and it will always remind you to seek out the elementary, my dear.

    Available at Amazon, $2.99

  • 221B Door Journal 5 of 19

    I found this months ago and have been pining after it ever since. It's a perfectly subtle homage to the most famous door on Baker Street.

    Available at Redfrypan's Books and Boxes, $15.60

  • Embroidery 6 of 19

    This insanely adorable cross-stitch can serve as a constant beacon to all those highly functioning sociopaths out there. It must be so boring to be an ordinary human.

    Available at Etsy, $26.99

  • UMQRA Necklace 7 of 19

    If you recall, UMQRA were the letters John thought he saw flashing in Morse code in "The Hounds of Baskerville." The letters ended up being meaningless, but Sherlockians can still speculate wildly — and create tributes like this necklace.

    Available at Etsy, $20.00

  • Wallpaper (and Fixin’s) 8 of 19

    If you truly want to treat a Sherlock fan this Christmas, surprise them with all the fixings for a 221B-esque living room makeover. It might be slightly pricey, but that is the actual wallpaper used from the show, so it's worth it. Boredom-induced bullet holes are optional, of course.

    Wallpaper available at Tangletree Interiors, $174.24 

    Spray paint available at Amazon, $4.71

    Skull print available at Redbubble, $28.75

  • H.O.U.N.D. Shirt 9 of 19

    We can't wear posh coats and deerstalkers ALL the time. This sartorial nod to the sketchy C.I.A. project from "The Hounds of Baskerville" is perfect for those more casual days.

    Available at Redbubble, $25.48

  • Moriar-tea Mug 10 of 19

    If you don't understand the puns on this mug, ask a Sherlock fan. They will be more than happy to scream in your face, "That's what people BREWWW!"

    Available at CafePress, $15.00

  • Sherlock Stickers 11 of 19

    Jaymee Helms (aka Geo) has tons of hilarious cartoons, available on everything from shirts to iPhone cases. But these stickers are particularly inexpensive and cute (hey, stocking stuffers!), and the Sherlock fan in your life would be happy with any of the ones offered.

    Available at Redbubble, $2.40 each

  • Violin Music 12 of 19

    Remember the song Sherlock was playing on his violin as he waited for Moriarty in "The Reichenbach Fall"? Turns out it's Sonata No. 1 in G by Bach. That sheet music looks pretty complicated for anyone without a mind palace, but you could always opt for the one-click track download on Amazon.

    Sheet music available at Musicnotes, $4.95

    MP3 available at Amazon, $0.99

  • Union Jack Cushion 13 of 19

    Bring a touch of British flair overseas with this velvet Union Jack pillow — almost identical to the one seen in Sherlock and John's flat.

    Available at Bed Bath & Beyond, $24.99

  • Skull 14 of 19

    We can't all have John Watson around all the time to listen to us rant and rave (unfortunately). When you need a really great listener, human skulls work wonders — just ask Sherlock.

    Available at Amazon, $24.99

  • Cookie Cutters 15 of 19

    Slightly creepy? Perhaps. But dipping these cookies into a cup of Earl Grey is the closest any of us will come to sharing tea with Sherlock and John.

    Available at WarpZone Prints, $11.00

  • Temporary Tattoos 16 of 19

    Sometimes there are too many brilliant Sherlock quotes and symbols to keep track of. Luckily, this awesome sheet of temporary tats covers almost all of the essentials.

    Available at Deducktion, $12.00

  • IOU Apple Necklace 17 of 19

    The "I.O.U." riddle — yet another Sherlock moment that launched a thousand fan theories. We could sit around and speculate all day, but nabbing this cute reminder of Moriarty's apple carving would be way less frustrating.

    Available at Etsy, $13.81

  • Sherlock Magnet Word Set 18 of 19

    This set of magnets contains over 425 words so you can recreate some of your favorite Sherlock zingers right on your fridge. I already see "Lestrade" and "sexy," so that's good enough for me.

    Available at Etsy, $12.00

  • Door Swag 19 of 19

    So changing the address on your front door might not be the wisest or most legal choice, but you can still make any door inside your house infinitely more awesome with these brass numbers and door knocker. And don't worry — they're the exact same brands used by the set designers on Sherlock. Shwing!

    House numbers available at The House Nameplate Company, $19.58 each

    Door knocker available at Willow & Stone, $89.74


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