The Way We Were: 16 Famous Parents When They Were Their Kid’s Age

When I put a current photo of myself next to a photo of my mother in her 30’s, I am in awe of how similar we look. I mean, we are related so there isn’t a huge surprise, but there is something really cool about placing my mother on my time frame.

It made me wonder how celebrities would look next to their kids. Current images of celebrity children paired with vintage images of their parents when they were their kid’s age. In other words, just how much does 34-year-old Kate Hudson look like 34-year-old Goldie Hawn?

This could be incredibly helpful for anyone interested in remakes. Is there anyone better than your own kid to play the part you made famous? Goldie was 35 when she made Private Benjamin. I know there have been talks of a remake, and I know Anna Faris is already pretty much attached to the project. But, Kate, come on. YOU GOT THIS!

  • The Way We Were 1 of 17
    The Way We Were: 16 Celebrities with their lookalike children

    Let's match up children of celebrities with their parents and see if the casting opportunities are there! 

  • Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson 2 of 17

    On the left is Goldie Hawn at age 35 on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Her daughter Kate, who is now age 34, could easily play Private Benjamin.


    Image Credit:  Rolling Stone Magazine and PR Photo

  • Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow 3 of 17

    When Blythe Danner was in her 40's she was in the film adaptation of Brighton Beach Memoirs. She had also just finished a film with Peter Fonda.  Gwyneth could certainly play her mother at this age.


    Image Credit: Hamptons Magazine and PR Photo

  • Anna Wintour and Bee Schaffer 4 of 17

    Anna is in her late thirties or early forties in this photo. Bee, at the age of 26, has a few years to go before she can pull off her Mom's look. Bangs would help. Obviously.


    Image Credit:  Infested Fashion and PR Photo

  • John Ritter and Jason Ritter 5 of 17

    John was 29 when he was first cast in his iconic goofball role on Three's Company. At 33 his son Jason would do a great job in a remake. 


    Image Credit: IMDB and PR Photos

  • Lloyd and Jeff Bridges 6 of 17

    Lloyd Bridges was 81 when he filmed the action movie Blown Away. While Jeff is only 63 he is looking the part of Dad here! 


    Image Credit: MGM via IMDB and PR Photos

  • Arnold and Patrick Schwarzenegger 7 of 17

    Arnold was 30 when he filmed the documentary Pumping Iron. While Patrick is only 19 and not exactly on track to be a muscles from Brussels, he does have some of his father's features here. Which makes you wonder what Arnold would have looked like if he hadn't pumped it up?


    Image Credit: Muscle Magazine via Lazyboys and PR Photo

  • Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson 8 of 17

    Melanie was 18 when she was selected to be Miss Golden Globes. Dakota was selected to be Miss Golden Globes at the age of 16. Dakota could certainly be in the running to remake some of Melanie's earlier films, but I'm kind of hoping no one remakes those. 


    Image Credit: and PR Photos

  • Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer 9 of 17

    Meryl is 32 on the cover of Time magazine. She was in the spotlight for her amazing performance in The French Lieutenant's Woman. At 30, Mamie would be a shoo-in if they ever did a remake. It could also be a career game changer for her as the film earned her mother an Academy Award nomination and a BAFTA award.


    Image Credit: Time Magazine and PR Photos

  • Madonna and Lourdes Leon 10 of 17

    At 27, Madonna landed on the cover of Time magazine. That year,  in 1985, Madonna made Desperately Seeking Susan and started her first North American tour. At 16 Lourdes is already showing the world she has an eye for fashion. A remake of Desperately Seeking Susan could be really fun.


    Image Credit: Time Magazine and PR Photos

  • Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe 11 of 17

    Reese wowed everyone with her breakthrough performance in The Man in the Moon at 15 years old. Ava is 14 and has yet to indicate if she will be a performer like her parents. 


    Image Credit: MGM via IMDB and Pacific Coast News

  • Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley 12 of 17

    Priscilla was 46 when she filmed Naked Gun 2 1/2. The comedy rekindled her career. At 45 Lisa Marie has never looked better. If the star wanted to dabble in film, a remake (or sequel) of Naked Gun could be an interesting place for her to start.


    Image Credit: Paramount Pictures via IMDB and PR Photos

  • Demi Moore and Rumer Willis 13 of 17

    Demi was 23 years old when she played Jules in St. Elmo's Fire. It was a role that pretty much launched her career. At 24, Rumer has yet to find her breakout role. Maybe she should start clamoring for a remake or continuation of the story of St. Elmo's Fire.


    Image Credit: Columbia/TriStar via IMDB and PR Photos

  • Tom and Colin Hanks 14 of 17

    Tom  was 32 when he landed on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. A little movie named Big was responsible for his huge success that year. At 35, Colin has already portrayed a wide variety of characters, but he has yet to do a true romantic comedy. If Big ever gets remade he should go for it.


    Image Credit: Rolling Stone Magazine and PR Photos

  • Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri 15 of 17

    At age 35, Susan received her first Best Actress nomination for her performance in Atlantic City. This film could totally use a revisiting as it was released in a year where so many amazing films took over center stage. Chariots of Fire and On Golden Pond dominated the award shows in 1981, and not many remember the gritty crime drama. At 28, Eva would be fantastic as Sally in Atlantic City.

    Image Credit: Rolling Stone Magazine and PR Photos

  • Stellan Skarsgard and Alexander Skarsgard 16 of 17

    Stellan was 45 when he made Breaking the Waves, one of my all time favorite movies. The Lars von Trier film was pretty much perfection in my book so I can not even contemplate a remake. But if for some reason they ever consider a tamed down American version, 36-year-old Alexander would be a great choice.


    Image Credit: Breaking the Waves material via Virtual History and PR Photos

  • Sissy Spacek and Schuyler Fisk 17 of 17

    Sissy was 27 when she played Brian De Palma's Carrie. They remade the teen horror film earlier this year, and they missed a great opportunity to cast 31-year-old Schuyler in the role that made her mother a star.


    Image Credit: Jon Rubin and PR Photos

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