The Weirdest Pieces of Doctor Who Fan Art Ever

I set out to find the weirdest pieces of Doctor Who fan art I could find. I ended up basically going shopping. What can I say? I’m true Whovian.

With Matt Smith’s departure from the show imminent, Doctor Who fans are feeling a little bit nostalgic. What better way to indulge the nostalgia than jumping down the rabbit hole of handmade fan art? Artisans, crafters, creatives, designers—It takes all kinds. All kinds of talented folks love Doctor Who and they want to use their mad skills for good.

Check out the best, weiredest, and most unlikely Doctor Who Fan Art ever.


  • Weirdest Doctor Who Fan Art 1 of 11
  • Bird With TARDIS-like Tail 2 of 11

    A bird that looks suspiciously like the 10th Doctor with a TARDIS-ish tail. It's called "Lord of Thyme." Mmmm. Fresh herbs.

    From Doctor Who Fan Art

  • Weeping Angel Shoes 3 of 11

    Maybe you'd like something like this on your feet? Hand-drawn weeping angels on size 9 canvas slip-ons. Don't blink.

    From Cuiliann Fan Art Traditional Drawings

  • TARDIS Apron 4 of 11

    It's a hand-made,  embroidered TARDIS pinafore apron. Is there a Whovian who wouldn't pay $100 for this?

    Available from Etsy for $100

  • Nesting Dolls 5 of 11

    Cutest set of nesting dolls ever or THE cutest set of nesting dolls ever? The set includes the TARDIS, the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, Clara Oswin Oswald, a Dalek, a sonic screwdriver and another hundred bucks well spent.

    Available at Etsy for $99.99

  • Dog Sweater 6 of 11

    Let's say you have very specific taste. Let's say you are looking for handmade woolens. . . wait for it. . . for your tiny dog. . . to make it look like a TARDIS. Look no further, my friend.

    Available at Etsy for $20

  • Doctor Who-Themed Eye Shadow Palette 7 of 11

    BECAUSE WHY WOULDN'T THERE BE A DOCTOR WHO-INSPIRED EYE SHADOW PALETTE? The Doctor is "the hoper of far-flung hopes, the dreamer of improbable dreams." Your improbable dream just came true.

    Available at Etsy for $25

  • Custom Pony 8 of 11

    This custom pony is a Twilight Sparkle bait with the 9th Doctor's jacket, the 10th Doctor's sneakers, and the 11th Doctor's fez and bow tie. Wait. Because there is more: Her cutie mark is the TARDIS. Bam.

    Available at Etsy for $35

  • Diaper Cover 9 of 11

    Fleece diaper cover a la Doctor Who. Here's the rule: If you can make a diaper cover out of it, you should.

    Available at Etsy for $12.50

  • Moisturize Me Cassandra Patch 10 of 11

    It's hard to explain. But let me try: This patch represents Cassandra, the possibly transgendered modified human who has extended her life through 708 plastic surgeries and is finally left as a face on a piece of skin stretched onto a frame connected to a brain in a designer jar. So, uh—yeah. Cool patch.

    Available at Etsy for $10

  • Melted Crayon Who Art 11 of 11

    How many crayons had to melt to create this piece of art? It doesn't matter. It was worth it.

    Available at Etsy for $28

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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