The Wonder Years Cast THEN & NOW. Plus, Recognize These Famous Guest Stars?

It’s been 25 years since The Wonder Years debuted on ABC and we met the Arnold family. The groundbreaking series chronicled life in the suburbs during the tumultuous late ’60s/early ’70s from the point of view of introspective 11-year-old Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage). Well, he started as a pre-teen, but the fun of the show was watching him navigate the painful/hilarious/thrilling junior high and high school years, all of which he spent hopelessly in love with his neighbor, Winnie Cooper (Danica McKeller).

The show ran from 1988 to 1993 and launched the acting careers of the the main cast, although afterwards some chose different paths in the entertainment biz while others left it completely. See where they are now, and have a look back at the guest stars we’d eventually get to know a lot better on shows like Friends and Melrose Place!

  • The Arnold Family 1 of 22

    The Arnolds were supposed to represent the typical post-war suburban American family. Co-creator Neal Marlens grew up in Long Island, New York, but the setting was meant to be "Anywhere USA."

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  • Fred Savage, THEN 2 of 22

    Before The Wonder Years, Fred was recognized for playing the grandson to Peter Falk in The Princess Bride. He was nominated for two Golden Globes and two Emmys during the show's run. 

  • Fred Savage, NOW 3 of 22

    Fred married Jamie Lynn Stone, his childhood neighbor and real life Winnie! They have three children — two boys and a girl. After the show ended, he headed to Stanford University and transitioned into a career producing and directing hit comedies like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 2 Broke Girls, and Modern Family.

  • Danica McKeller, THEN 4 of 22

    Winnie Cooper was the dream girl for a generation. Danica has said that her first kiss ever was in fact Winnie's first kiss with Kevin on screen. After that, the two actors became like "brother and sister." She told People magazine, "We had this mutual crush in the beginning, but we didn't do anything about it." 

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  • Danica McKeller, NOW 5 of 22

    Danica married composer Mike Verta in 2009. They have a 2-year-old son together, Draco, but divorced earlier this year. Directly after the series ended, Danica headed UCLA. "At first, I'd get a lot of 'Hey Winnie's' and guys being obnoxious," she told People magazine. "Then I became Danica from the Math department." She's kept up an acting career but has also authored several mathematics-themed books aimed for middle schoolers that have hit The New York Times children's bestseller list. 

  • Josh Saviano, THEN 6 of 22

    Josh played Kevin's loveable, nerdy neighbor, Paul Pfeiffer. Before The Wonder Years, he didn't have many film credits at all, save for an Aim toothpaste commercial

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  • Josh Saviano, NOW 7 of 22

    Josh majored in political science at Yale, and is now a corporate lawyer living in New York City with his wife and daughter. It's clear from his Twitter account, though, that he is still in touch with many of his Wonder Years pals. 

    Image Courtesy of @joshsaviano/Twitter

  • Olivia D’Abo, THEN 8 of 22

    Olivia represented the anti-establishment hippie movement on the show. She played Kevin's older sister Karen, and in many episodes clashed with their more conservative dad. 

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  • Olivia D’Abo, NOW 9 of 22

    Olivia followed up The Wonder Years with a six-year long stint on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. She is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and — fun fact — her dad Mike D'Abo is a singer and member of the British band Manfred Mann.


  • Jason Hervey, THEN 10 of 22

    Jason played Kevin's older brother Wayne Arnold, the quintessential bully who loved to torment his younger sibling and his best friend Paul. 

    Image courtesy of ABC

  • Jason Hervey, NOW 11 of 22

    That's Jason on the left (tan shirt and black pants) on the set of Noobz, a movie about video gamers. Jason has done voiceover work and moved into producing, as well as hosting VH1's reality show Confessions of a Teen Idol alongside Scott Baio. 

    Image via Flickr/Doug Klein

  • Alley Mills and Dan Lauria, THEN 12 of 22

    Alley Mills (Norma Arnold) and Dan Luria (Jack Arnold) looked like a real married couple when they attended the 41st Emmy's on September 17th, 1989. The show was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series that year, and Fred Savage was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor. 

    Image via Flicker/Alan Light

  • Alley Mills, NOW 13 of 22

    After The Wonder Years, Alley is probably most recognized for playing Pamela Douglas on The Bold and the Beautiful, which she has done since 2006.

  • Dan Lauria, NOW 14 of 22

    It looks like he hasn't aged one bit! Dan appeared in many TV shows after The Wonder Years, including 7th Heaven and Ed. He also made a name for himself on Broadway, where he earned outstanding reviews for his uncanny portrayal of Vince Lombardi in Lombardi in 2010. 

  • Daniel Stern, NOW 15 of 22

    You never did see him in The Wonder Years, but it was Daniel Stern of Home Alone fame who narrated the show as Kevin-of-the-future. Since then, he has done a ton of voiceover work and cultivated a career as a sculptor

  • Giovanni Ribisi 16 of 22

    Giovanni played Kevin Arnold's friend Jeff Billings in 15 episodes of the show. He has had a successful run in film ever since appearing in Cold Mountain, Avatar, and Gangster Squad, to name a few. 


  • Eric Dane 17 of 22

    Way before his Grey's Anatomy days as Marc "McSteamy" Sloan, Eric played one of Kevin's pals

  • David Schwimmer 18 of 22

    Remember that guy that Karen Arnold ended up marrying and moving to Alaska with? That was David Schwimmer! He played Karen's husband Michael a few years before his breakout success in Friends


  • Andrew Shue 19 of 22

    Way before he reached heartthrob status as Billy on Melrose Place, Andrew (pictured here with wife Amy Robach) played a keg-toting high school kid who came to Kevin's for a party. 

  • Alicia Silverstone 20 of 22

    Before Clueless, Alicia — here holding her son Bear — played one of Kevin's love interests. 

  • Mark Paul Gosselaar 21 of 22

    The Franklin & Bash star channeled Saved by the Bell's Zach Morris when he made a guest appearance on The Wonder Years. Naturally, he muddied the waters for Kevin, who was trying to ask a girl to a school dance. 

  • Juliette Lewis 22 of 22

    Juliette played Wayne's gum-chewing girlfriend Delores in a few episodes of the show in 1989. A few years later in 1991, she found her breakout role in Marin Scorsese's Cape Fear.



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