The Harry Potter Cast: Then and Now!

JK Rowling turns 48 this month and while that woman has still got a lot of writing left in her, she will go down in history and (remain forever in our hearts) as the creator of our beloved Harry Potter series.

A moment of silence, please.

Young wizards are accepted into Hogwarts at the age of 11. They attend the school for 7 years, graduating at age 17 because wizards come of age at 17 instead of 18. We met the Harry Potter movie cast in 2001 when The Sorcerer’s Stone debuted and we watched them grow up. The last movie came out in 2011—which means those wonderful Harry Potter years of read-the-book and then wait-for-the-movie lasted a whole decade. Ten years!

Harry and his cronies changed a lot during those formative years at Hogwarts, and so did Daniel Radcliffe! Take a look to see the Harry Potter cast, then and now.

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  • Harry Potter Then 2 of 16

    Harry Potter didn't even know he was a wizard until his 11th birthday. Living with his aunt and uncle in a tiny makeshift bedroom (ahem, closet) under the stairs, Harry was a lonely child. Meeting the giant Hagrid on his birthday was the most important thing that ever happened to him. Look at that face. He has no idea what's ahead of him.

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  • Daniel Radcliffe Now 3 of 16

    And here's our boy, all grown up! Danielle Radcliffe has a birthday this month, just like JK Rowling. It's hard to believe "the boy who lived" will be turning 24 -- and how handsome he has gotten. From doing nude scenes on Broadway in Equus to portraying beat poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, Radcliffe is doing theater and films in order to prove to us that he's a grownup now. We agree.

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  • Hermione Granger Then 4 of 16

    Smart, thorough, thoughtful, and maybe just a little bit controlling, Hermione Granger won us over pretty quickly with her plucky attitude and brains to spare. The hair. It was just a tad unruly at first.

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  • Emma Watson Now 5 of 16

    Emma Watson has grown up to be a woman that would make Hermione proud. She goes to college at Brown and still acts and models. Her latest film The Bling Ring, however, depicts teenage thieves. Pretty sure Hermione would have a problem with that.

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  • Ron Weasley Then 6 of 16

    Ron Weasley became one of Harry's first true friends in the train compartment on the way to Hogwarts. They bonded over chocolate frogs.

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  • Rupert Grint Now 7 of 16

    Ron just got more and more handsome. Good for Ron. Rupert Grint continues to act and has a pilot coming out for CBS called Super Clyde. Molly Weasley would be so proud.

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  • Neville Longbottom Then 8 of 16

    Like Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom's family was destroyed during Voldemort's reign of terror. But instead of being killed, Neville's parents were driven mad and Neville's Gran took him in and raised him.

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  • Matthew Lewis Now 9 of 16

    But don't worry, Matt Lewis is doing all right. More than all right! He wowed fans with his 2011 reveal of extreme handsomeness. Matt Lewis still makes a career as an actor but really, who cares? Look at him!

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  • Ginny Weasley Then 10 of 16

    If ever there was a match for Harry Potter, it was Ron's little sister, Ginny Weasley. She's a strong Quidditch player and a strong wizard, even if she did get just a little bit possessed by Tom Riddle's old diary.

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  • Bonnie Wright Now 11 of 16

    Tell me that face doesn't radiate "Mrs. Harry Potter." And spare me phrases like "real life" and "just a book" and "not really married to Harry Potter." Fooey. Ok. In real life she graduated from the London College of Communication, still acts, models, and has started her own production company, Bon Bon Lumiere. That Mrs. Potter—She's no slouch!

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  • Luna Lovegood Then 12 of 16

    Spacey, quirky, loveable little Luna. She was a good friend to Harry and even though she was off a bit in her own world, she still managed to fight off death eaters and save the world from evil.

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  • Evanna Lynch Now 13 of 16

    The lovely Irish actress, Evanna Lynch is still only 21. But she continues to act, model, and has even designed jewelry for the Harry Potter franchise. Fans will be excited to see her in Monster Butler, alongside Sirius Black, also known as Gary Oldman. Evanna's triumphant story of how JK Rowling helped her fight anorexia continues to inspire her fans.

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  • Draco Malfoy Then 14 of 16

    Draco Malfoy: So young, and yet so evil. But I guess you can't hold it against the kid. After all, his parents were death eaters. He almost (but not quite) looks innocent in this picture.

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  • Tom Felton Now 15 of 16

    Well, if Dumbledore thought he was worth saving I guess I can forgive Draco Malfoy. Still. You wonder about these Slytherin types. I've got my eye on you, Felton.

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  • JK Rowling In All Her Glory 16 of 16

    The happy, successful, philanthropic, talented JK Rowling has written a novel for adults, The Casual Vacancy, and penned The Cuckoo's Calling under the name Robert Galbraith. Happy birthday, Jo! We love you and we will always love you no matter what you write or whose name you write it under. Always.

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