These Two Seniors Fell in Love After Speed Dating, and the Story Is Just Too Adorable

Image Source: Jodi Firestone

Things are about to get really cute up in here, people!

Last October, 80-year old Renee Weiss and 92-year old Miles Miller attended a local dating event for seniors in Atlanta. Weiss got word about it from a friend’s granddaughter, and she decided to go with a few of her BFFs.

Created by Somerby Sandy Springs community liaison Jodi Firestone, the speed-dating “Meet and Greet” was designed to bring together 20 seniors, all ranging in age from 75-96 years old. Weiss and Miller spent the afternoon being paired with fellow attendees, who had to immediately swap to other tables after only four minutes of getting to know each other!

Weiss was having fun, but not really feeling sparks from anyone there. That is, until Miller sat down to her table.

“Physically, he looked like a gentleman. He had a big smile, was friendly, and he sounded so easy to talk to,” she tells Babble.

The two exchanged numbers at the end of the day, and the rest is history.

“We called each other. We went out. We clicked together. And we’ve been dating and seeing each other ever since,” she tells Babble.

Too sweet!

Firestone is thrilled that the event was so successful. Since it was her first time putting it together, she didn’t know what to expect. The results of Weiss and Miller’s loving union have blown her away. In fact, she even posted this video of the adorable couple telling their story.

“It has been beautiful to witness their love story,” she says. “Renee is completely taken by Miles. She is extremely flirty and laughs at everything he says. It is clear they definitely enjoy each other’s company.”

The couple have a steady dating schedule, seeing each other on the weekends and occasionally during the week. And they always make sure to talk on the phone two times a day.

Both are also completely mindful of each other’s space, so while Miller attends a Jewish temple on Saturday mornings, Weiss is busy playing Canasta, a rousing card game with her girlfriends.

It also helps that Weiss’s besties love her new boyfriend!

“They’re so supportive of what’s going on with me now. They’re all happy for me. I’ve got a good life right now, I’m very happy,” she shares.

For Weiss, finding love again has been incredible. She met her first husband when she was only 15 years old, and he passed away after 56 years of marriage. She’s been living alone for five years now.

“I didn’t know I could [love again],” Weiss tells Babble. “I really didn’t date or anything like that since my husband passed. And when I went to the event, I challenged myself. I said, ‘Hey, why not?’ and I did it. And I came out a winner.”

You sure did, honey!

The couple love sharing their time together, and it’s easy to see why. They make each other laugh and have loads of fun. And Miller loves nothing more than to take his girlfriend out to fancy restaurants.

“And I have fun making the reservations,” Weiss says.

In fact, she has so much fun that the restaurant staff is often readily prepared for their arrival. Weiss likes to write “two seniors in love” in the notes below the reservation time, and it has made for some amazing conversations with the managers and waitstaff.

“Immediately, they want to meet and greet us and all that stuff. And we’ve had really wonderful experiences at all the restaurants we go to. Everybody comes to our table and says hello. I feel like a celebrity!” she shares.

They also just finished a 14-day cruise, and the grandfather-of-two is already planning their next trip together!

“It was wonderful! We just had an awesome time. We met lovely people, [and] we got a great response from everyone we met. It was amazing!” Weiss says.

Congratulations, you two lovebirds!

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