This Dad Sings Taylor Swift with His Daughter and the Cute Is off the Charts

taylor-swiftChildren everywhere seem to be all about the “Let It Go” performance right now, but at least one musician dad is holding it down for Taylor Swift.

Bryan Chan says that Taylor Swift updated her Facebook one night a few years ago, to say that she was listening to “Hey, Juliet,” by lmnt. Bryan was a member of the band at the time.

“The same week my daughter was born, Taylor Swift played one of my songs. Now here we are four years later, and we’re playing all of hers.”

Bryan and his daughter sing “22,” “Mean,” and “You Belong With Me,” while they’re hanging out at home, driving in the car, and during one elaborate face-painting session. (I have to admit that his little girl seems way more into getting the makeup job done on his face than singing, but a lady has to have her priorities.)

What this all adds up to is cutecutecute and a little girl who may have a future in the biz like her dad and Taylor. Nice pipes.

It’s so lovely to see parents share experiences with their children that you can tell they both truly love, with the bottom line being that they enjoy being together and having fun. And Bryan is not the first guy I’ve seen bond with a little girl over T. Swift. One of my favorite memories is of my uncle sitting in front of the TV, clicking through every Taylor Swift video he had DVR’d while his granddaughter performed elaborate dance routines and sang along perfectly to every song. It seems Taylor’s music can inspire anyone.

Taylor has taken a lot of heat in the media for awards show activities, but whenever I hear anything, I just think back to that night in my uncle’s living room, where it was clear to me that Taylor Swift makes a positive difference in at least one little girl’s life. There’s nothing better than loving an artist who can show you a rocking good time. It’s a good habit to develop when you’re little, and it’s even more fun for parents to share it. It looks like it’s working out for Bryan Chan, too.

“Thanks, Taylor,” he writes at the end of the clip. “You give my daughter a reason to sing, and that’s all a dad ever wants to hear.”

Sigh. Just watch it.

Image credit: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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