People Are Selling ‘This Is Us’ Crock Pot Decals and They Are Both Hilarious and Depressing

It’s been a good solid month since we officially learned the fate of Jack Pearson on This Is Us. And no, we’re still not really over it, but thanks for asking.

Still, we’re dealing with our grief the best way we know how, and it appears the crafty people of Etsy are, too — by selling a slew of hilarious Crock Pot stickers that all pay homage to the devastating death of the very much real and not at all a fictional father of three.

As we all now know, Jack died after suffering a “widow’s maker” heart attack, brought on by smoke inhalation from a house fire. And — this still pains me to say — the fire was caused by a faulty switch on the Pearson’s Crock Pot, which caught a nearby dish rag on fire AND RUINED LITERALLY EVERYTHING, OMG.

In the weeks since the infamous Super Bowl episode, fans have been trying to recover while also remaining quite wary of their own Crock Pots. (Yes, despite Crock Pot issuing a fierce and public defense of itself.)

But now that we’re all ready to laugh again (I guess), This Is Us-inspired Crock Pot decals are making the rounds. And yeah, okay, they’re kinda funny.

Some of the decals issue warnings from Jack himself to please unplug your Crock Pot after using it. (Available via Crafted Richly on Etsy, $4.50)

Image Source: Crafted Richly/Etsy

Others even feature his face, which makes things just a little more heartbreaking while you’re laughing, now doesn’t it? (Available from FreshPrints17 on Etsy, $6)

Image Source: FreshPrints17/Etsy

Others are more to-the-point. (Available from My Vinyl Touch on Etsy, $4.22+)

Image Source: MyVinylTouch/Etsy

And then of course, are the Instant Pot decals that have emerged, which are … okay, they’re pretty hilarious too. (Available from Charlotte Mae Designs on Etsy, $6)

Image Source: Charlotte Mae Designs/Etsy
Image Source: Cuttings by Connie/Etsy

Sigh. I guess at this point, it’s clear nothing will ever bring back Jack. But the least we can do is learn from his death and never accept broken, 20-year-old Crock Pots from random neighbors WHO JUST SHOULD HAVE THROWN THE OLD THING OUT, DAMMIT!

Oh — and also leaving our Crock Pots unplugged until the end of time.

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