85 Thoughts I Had While Watching the ‘Big Little Lies’ Finale

Editor’s Note: This post contains every single spoiler from the Big Little Lies finale.

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You can’t always get what you want, and for Big Little Lies fans, that means more episodes of the chilling mom-dram that’s had you wondering who’s good, who’s bad, who meets their untimely demise, and of course, who done it.

After six long weeks of beach runs, epic side-eye, intense interrogation, and waves crashing to a killer soundtrack, we finally got some answers. Take a look at 85 thoughts I had while watching last night’s finale.

  1. I know I’m supposed to care who died and everything, but WHO IS HURTING AMABELLA?
  2. Is it her dad? That dude is creepy.
  3. But not as creepy as Perry. That guy is a real monster. An evil, evil monster.

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  4. Madeline’s boots are super cute.
  5. Ooo, Tori knows Madeline and Joseph had a thing. Hell hath no fury like a drive-by by a woman scorned.
  6. [Googles “Are Saturns still around?”]
  7. Maybe Tori and Ed have something going on? Plot twist!
  8. I just want to hug Celeste. Oh look, her therapist feels the same way.
  9. But Perry is hurting the children, Celeste!

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  10. Whoa, Max is the one hurting Amabella!
  11. That actually makes perfect sense. Why didn’t I think of that before?
  12. I knew Ziggy was innocent.
  13. Eww. Gordon is gross. And aggressive. Is there something in the Monterey water?
  14. I’d be super pissed if my husband talked to the school moms like that. I got this, thanks.
  15. Tom, you’re my hero.
  16. Why is the Audrey/Elvis party called “Trivia Night”? What do Audrey and Elvis have to do with trivia? What do Audrey and Elvis have to do with each other?

    Image source: HBO
  17. Madeline is good at the one-line zingers.
  18. Why is Celeste wearing latex gloves to unpack boxes and put away groceries?
  19. Those abuse flashbacks are hard to watch.
  20. Oof, mom honesty among friends is hard.
  21. Celeste finally gets her “aha” moment from Jane: “I have to face the fact that violence could be in his DNA given who his dad is.” BOOM.
  22. Madeline honey, we’re all holding onto the idea of perfection.
  23. Is Renata the one who gets killed? That whole, “If I get shot in the head tonight” statement is weird.
  24. What pills is Gordon taking? Are they vitamins … or something else?
  25. Perry, let your damn wife take a shower in peace.

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  26. Hey, there’s no door in that shower door. I bet it’s as cold in there as Perry’s frigid heart.
  27. Jane, you make a gorgeous Audrey!
  28. Jane, marry Tom.
  29. What the heck kind of school fundraiser is this?! It looks like a Hollywood premiere! They even have parking attendants!
  30. School pick-up should have parking attendants.
  31. I don’t get Madeline’s Audrey Hepburn meets Eartha Kitt costume.
  32. Celeste as Audrey Hepburn is perfection. The back of that dress = swoon!

    Image source: HBO
  33. OMG Celeste, Perry knows about the apartment! I’M SO AFRAID FOR HER RIGHT NOW.
  34. Don’t get in the car with him! Please don’t get in the car with him! Tell the babysitter everything!
  35. So Trivia Night is also a talent show of sorts? I’m still confused.
  36. Side-eye errywhere.
  37. Alcohol at a school fundraiser? Our school is doing it wrong.
  38. Madeline, slow down on the Otter Bay cocktails.
  39. Pfft! Perry and his broken promises.
  40. Perry, if you drive over that cliff, so help me.
  41. Yaaas! Celeste finds her voice.
  42. Where’s the trivia at Trivia Night?
  43. Bonnie is perfect in every way. I don’t blame Madeline for feeling insecure around her.
  44. Yeah, Ed totally knows.
  45. Perry, you are sick.
  46. Renata, you may have just saved Celeste’s life.

    Image source: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/ HBO
  47. Ed really is “so good” in so many ways.
  48. I just realized Madeline isn’t wearing any pants.
  49. Run, Celeste, run away into a sea of Audreys! Call a Lyft and get out of there!
  50. More side-eye. So much stranger side-eye.
  51. Is Celeste telling Renata about the abuse?
  52. Ed and Nathan, play nice.
  53. At least Ed’s drink was clear.
  54. Wow, Nathan is really talented.
  55. Bonnie, follow your gut!

    Image source: HBO
  56. Finally, the Renata drama is over. Thank goodness, those moms have way bigger issues going on.
  57. Celeste! Tell them! Tell someone! Anyone!
  58. Bonnie, keep following …
  59. I bet Nathan’s going to be so pissed when he looks out into the audience and sees that Bonnie’s gone.
  60. That look. Jane’s look! Perry is Jane’s rapist and the father of Ziggy!
  61. OMG Madeline knows.
  62. OMG Celeste knows.
  63. OMG Perry knows they know.
  64. (Renata doesn’t know anything.)
  65. Wait, Perry hadn’t been introduced to Jane since she moved to Monterey? Guess not.

    Image source: HBO
  66. Sirens. OK, who died?
  67. There’s Celeste; it’s not her.
  68. Where’s Jane? Where’s Madeline? Where’s Renata? Where’s Bonnie?
  69. It’s Perry! He’s impaled, I think. It’s so dark.
  70. He fell? The investigators aren’t buying the big little lie.
  71. The ladies look at peace at the funeral.
  72. Wait, now we’re at the beach.
  73. The children are running around and having fun while their mothers drink from open containers of alcohol, not that I’m judging.
  74. But is this a public beach? Seems to me these gals are in enough trouble.
  75. Celeste is smiling for the first time ever, so maybe they’re not. Or at least she isn’t.
  76. Wait, we’re back to Trivia Night. Perry is getting the crap beat out of him by the four women. Get ’em, ladies!
  77. Waves crash at the beach.
  78. This music is nice.
  79. Back at Trivia Night, Perry fights back.
  80. Here comes Bonnie … she’s running … she’s not slowing down … GASP!
  81. Bonnie takes care of business like the hero we knew she was!
  82. OK, Perry’s dead and Bonnie did it … but why?

    Image source: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/ HBO
  83. Should I have read the book?
  84. And now what? Is the investigation over? Did law enforcement ever uncover the truth? What’s Bonnie’s backstory? Are the twins in counseling? Is Gordon still taking those pills? Are Madeline and Ed going to make it work? Are Jane and Tom still together? Bust most importantly …
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