46 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Project Runway’, Season 16, Episode 10

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Well, here we are again. Last week, Claire was shown the door after getting exposed for the whole illegally using a tape measure thing (you know, NBD), and — in a surprise double-elimination that I’m honestly still a little bitter over — Batani AND Amy (*tear*) had to pack their sewing kits and go home.

This week, the remaining contestants are back to duke it out yet again … and now that the judges have narrowed down the designers to just six, I’m starting to think the competition is just getting started.

  1. Hmmm … the runway is covered in caution tape and traffic cones. Please tell me we’re not making clothes out of garbage again.
  2. Oh lord, it appears we are.
  3. Michael: “I really hope there’s no driving involved. I just don’t want to kill anyone.” — LOL note to self: Never get in a car with Michael.
  4. Real talk: No one has ever loved a single article of clothing as much as Kenya loves that leopard scarf.
  5. In three words, Brandon has just summed up how I feel about this challenge: “WHY. WHY. WHY.”
  6. Oh man, the insides of these cars crammed with crap look like … the trunk of my car, TBH.
  7. Watching everyone run around like chickens with their heads cut off is pretty entertaining. It’s like Supermarket Sweep went to a garbage landfill.
  8. The sight of Kenya wrestling that rubber boat was almost as hilarious as watching Kentaro run straight into Ayana and apologize profusely. Sweetest. Man. Ever.
  9. DYING over Kenya smuggling a lifetime’s supply of disposable ear plugs in her boobies. #MakingItWork.
  10. Hmm … maybe instead of blowing tons of money on therapy each week, I should just take a page out of Ayana’s book and beat the crap out of some reflector lights with a sledgehammer.
  11. Margarita is so organized. She almost makes all that trash look good.
  12. Hearing Kentaro say “chunk in the chunk” instead of junk in the trunk is filling my heart with joy right now.
  13. Or was it “drunk in the chunk?”
  14. Guess we’ll never know.
  15. Poor Kenya, going door to door practically begging for seat belt buckles.
  16. Somebody give the lady a damn seat belt, this is starting to get pathetic!
  17. Kentaro on Ayana’s look: “I don’t know, it’s like … I don’t like it.” — Okay, but tell us how you REALLY feel, Kentaro.
  18. Side note: I love how Kentaro’s been wearing a traffic vest for the entire challenge. He’s really getting all method about this.
  19. No idea what Brandon is making RN but I’m willing to put money on the fact that it will have straps upon straps dangling off the back of it.
  20. Kenya: “Ayana ’bout to make a damn Christmas tree over there!” — LOL, I was waiting for her to break out a good one-liner.
  21. Also: Accurate.
  22. OMG could Michael’s model be any more naked?
  23. Christina: “Grab some pizza and some popcorn, ’cause you’re about to see a naked girl on Project Runway.” — Honestly, I gotta hand it to her for being super chill about potentially walking the runway with both her butt cheeks in the breeze.
  24. Oof so far, Brandon’s metallic top looks like that thing the Balloon Boy kid was supposed to have floated away on. (… Just me?)
  25. What is Margarita talking about? Her look is “too simple”? She needs to Dictionary.com that word, STAT.
  26. Kentaro getting his entire face wrapped by Michael while saying “Thank you, b*tch!” = just made my night.
  27. Seriously though: How are we a full day into this challenge and Michael is JUST now realizing that he’s designed a stripper’s outfit?
  28. Liris: “I look like Pocahontas is about to play football.” — OMG yes, yes you do, Liris.
  29. Ahhh these dresses are already falling apart and we are SECONDS away from hitting the runway. I smell a wardrobe malfunction …
  30. Shocker: Brandon’s look has two random straps dangling onto the floor. WHY.
  31. How is Michael describing his dominatrix look right now as “simple” and “minimal”?
  32. Ayana’s model looks like a literal walking car accident, and yet … I’m kinda into it.
  33. Thoughts on Kenya’s seat belt dress: So the woven belt thing looks cool and all, but I’m pretty sure the last thing any woman wants is a dress that gives her a set of gigantic hips, amiright?
  34. I mean … could you even fit through a doorway with that thing on?
  35. LOL to Heidi saying there’s nothing the judges “like hate hate” this week. Really? I could name a few things …
  36. Carly Chaikin to Michael: “It looks kind of hookerish … and tacky.” — Well she certainly does not mince words.
  37. Plot twist: Who would have thought Kenya’s little seat belt dress would go over so well?
  38. Zac to Margarita: “It was giving me a little bit of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle vibe.” — SAME.
  39. Aww I’m getting sort of emosh watching Kentaro’s look get critiqued. Poor thing looks so defeated.
  40. OMG it’s elimination time already! I literally have no idea who’s gonna get the win.
  41. Aaaand it’s Ayana FTW!
  42. Oh no, but it’s down to Kentaro and Michael and I’m so scared Kentaro’s going home.
  43. * Crossing fingers and toes * Please don’t be Kentaro, please don’t be Kentaro …
  45. … I mean, sorry dude.
  46. Tim: “It’s like losing a family member.” — 🙁

Well that was a close one. Sad about Michael, but …. I can’t lose my Kentaro!

‘Til next week, everyone …

You can catch more episodes of Project Runway every Thursday at 9/8 central on Lifetime.

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