62 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Project Runway’, Season 16, Episode 14

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AHHHH guys, it’s finally happening! After 14 weeks of nail-biter episodes, the Project Runway finale has finally arrived and New York Fashion Week is officially upon us.

I feel like we’ve really been through something here, you and I. We lived through the weekly drama of the most challenging twins the world has ever met (aka Claire and Shawn). We fell madly in love with Kentaro. We cried together when Amy and Batani left in that surprise double-elimination. And we watched as, week after week, the designers turned everything from mixed materials to literal piles of garbage into things of beauty on the runway.

And now, here we are — 14 weeks into the season and all still wondering the same thing: Are they really just gonna hand this thing over to Brandon, or do the other contestants truly have a shot?

Let’s see, shall we?

  1. Hate to start this off on a bit of a downer, but I’m still sad Kenya’s not here 🙁
  2. Wow, Brandon’s SUPER confident right now … and totally phoning it in?
  3. Part of me thinks that makes sense, because the judges would applaud him even if he sent a model down the runway in a dress made out of actual turds, but … the other part of me wonders if this is some curious foreshadowing. (!?!?!)
  4. Poor Margarita. I feel like she’s getting a raw deal. The judges clearly don’t want to see tropical, but how do you say that to a girl from Puerto Rico who designs colorful RESORT wear?
  5. I mean, telling her to be careful that it’s not “too Miami” is like telling Brandon to design something that doesn’t look like my fifth-grade art class smock. Why waste the breath when IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN?
  6. So TBH, I’m not sure I’m entirely in love with anything Ayana is showing, except that green dress with the gold leafy things all over it that they’ve been hiding from us.
  7. Ayana on her potential to win: “I feel like this is mine.” — Oooo, hear that, Brandon? Don’t get too comfortable, now.
  8. Kentaro on the mission of his fashion: “I’m providing food for your soul.” — Adorbs.
  9. Serious note, though: It’s so heartbreaking to listen to Margarita’s parents talk about the storm coming towards Puerto Rico after knowing how bad things got there.
  10. Kentaro: “I feel very morning.” — Zero idea what he means … and yet at the same time, I totally get it?
  11. I kinda love Kentaro’s sudden “eff this” attitude about doing whatever he wants, how he wants it, because he figures he doesn’t even have a dog in this fight. I totally support this.
  12. Margarita: “All I want to do is add more stuff. I wanna put feathers and fringe …” — Oh girl, if you know what’s good for you, back AWAY from the feathers and fringe.
  13. Liris: “Does Brandon have a wow moment?” — She just hit the nail on the head with that one. Don’t get me wrong, he’s seriously talented. But there’s something about his collection that feels like a bit of a one-note.
  14. Speaking of Brandon, he literally never looks nervous or frazzled ever. How is this possible?
  15. Seriously, you never see him running around the room with scissors and a tape measure around his neck, frantically sweating or worrying that his cigarette pants won’t be finished in time.
  16. Just realized I described Shawn.
  17. Aww a gather-round with Tim! I get so emotional when he gets emotional.
  18. If he starts crying I’m gonna lose it.
  19. Okay he didn’t cry, but I still lost it.
  20. AHHHHH, how is it already runway morning?!
  21. I have so much anxiety rn. Margarita’s parents might not make it. Ruffles are suddenly flying off dresses … GAHHH!!!
  22. Oo, just spotted Kenya in the audience. (* Tear *) It must be so hard to get so far and then have to watch everyone show off their collection.
  23. Sorry, that was depressing.
  24. You gotta hand it to Margarita: Nothing she designs is ever boring.
  25. LOVE that flowy yellow dress with the giant fish on it! She really brought it.
  26. Yay, everyone loves Jazzmine’s surprise skirt drop!
  27. So I know the judges already have a schoolgirl crush on Brandon’s collection and all, and I’m not saying I hate it, but I just do NOT get all those little loopy thingies all over the place.
  28. And good Lord, if I see one more dangling strap …
  29. The long-sleeved look with the straps hanging off the cuffs made the model like a flamingo-wearing Edward Scissorhands. (Just me?)
  30. Watching Kentaro practice his speech into a lint roller is totally bringing me back to some awkward middle school days.
  31. Aww, but he totally nailed it!
  32. (Thank GOD he didn’t mention the whole dead cat thing.)
  33. I gotta say, it took him a bit, but he finally figured out what the word “cohesion” means and he knocked it out of the park.
  34. Super into that cut-out top …
  35. Eeeek, but I do not like that last look. Did the model get caught in a beekeeper’s net?
  36. Ayana is so emotional right now. 🙁
  37. And Tim is like her supportive backstage dad.
  38. I’m nervous that one of her ruffles is gonna fly loose again.
  39. Unpopular opinion: I love some of Ayana’s pant looks, but on the whole, those ‘70s-style dresses were a bit meh to me. (Anyone else?)
  40. That last green dress with the gold flecks, tho = PERFECTION.
  41. Heidi on Kentaro’s collection: “You could hear a mouse fart in that room.” — That might be the funniest thing Heidi has ever said.
  42. And to think, all of this was inspired by a dead cat …
  43. Oh wow, it feels like they were hardest on Brandon during the critique. Didn’t see that coming.
  44. I’m getting super emotional watching Liris and Jazzmine talk about what walking the runway really means for plus-sized models and women everywhere. SO TRUE.
  45. Kentaro: “I think I have more stories to tell.” — YES YOU DO, AND I WANT TO HEAR THEM ALL!
  46. (Just maybe like, not the ones about dead animals, though … )
  47. So now I’m at a total loss. I definitely thought Brandon had this one in the bag, just because the judges fangirl over him every week.
  48. But now … I’m stumped.
  49. They weren’t into Margarita’s “tropical” look at the preview, but then they drooled over it once they saw it on the runway.
  50. And they were super jazzed about Ayana’s collection at first, but now … I’m just not sure they’re in love enough for her to be the one.
  51. It’s anyone’s game at this point.
  53. Margarita 🙁
  58. Yay, Kentaro! I am like one big emoji right now with heart eyes.
  59. I feel bad for Ayana …
  60. … but Kentaro really killed it.
  61. OMG Kentaro’s dad just fell up the runway. I shouldn’t be laughing so hard, BUT HERE WE ARE.
  62. Somewhere, that dearly departed cat is smiling down on little Kentaro from Animal Heaven and saying, “Good job, buddy.”
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So, I was THISCLOSE to getting super sad that it’s all over, but then the preview for the reunion special came on and I got excited all over again to see the original crew hashing out some behind-the-scenes drama. One thing’s for sure: I can’t WAIT to hear Claire explain away that secret tape measure she was hiding in her room …

Catch you guys in two weeks, when the reunion special airs on November 30, at 9/8 central on Lifetime.

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