Three of Our Favorite Actresses to Star in Epic Mom Comedy

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Image source: Getty

While everyone enjoyed a good laugh watching The Hangover, it was admittedly hard for us to relate to (other than the baby-wearing scenes, for obvious reasons.) Well Moms, it is finally our time to shine. The Hangover screenwriters have reportedly penned a hilarious comedy about a trio of “bad moms” that go off on a very non-maternal adventure.

The Hollywood Reporter has stated that real-life moms, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Christina Applegate have all signed on for the film. The project was originally titled Bad Moms and was to star Leslie Mann while her husband Judd Apatow directed, but they had to leave due to scheduling conflicts … a struggle us parents can relate to.

According to an old synopsis, the plot is about “an overworked and exhausted mother who joins forces with two other ‘bad moms’ to challenge the helicopter parents that rule over their kids’ school.” However, now that Jon Lucas and Scott Moore have taken over, it is said that the story will take on a more Hangover-esque adventure where the moms try to liberate themselves from conventional responsibilities (could you imagine!?).

With a seemingly hilarious storyline and our favorite mom-stars participating, we can promise you we’ll definitely be marking this movie down for a Girls’ Night Out.

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