These Are the Most Awkward Throwback Pics Celebs Are Sharing to Raise Money for Puerto Rico

Reaching into the depths of your old middle school and high school photo albums can be a terrifying yet hilarious prospect for most of us. We’re reminded of the years we spent in braces, smiling awkwardly in school photos against a laser beam backdrop, thinking we looked super cool. The scrunchies, the teased hair, the oversized Save the Whales T-shirts. It all comes flooding back, in one steaming pile of awkward.

And now, celebs are taking us along on their own journeys back to their awkward years, thanks to #PuberMe, a hashtag that’s been trending on Twitter since Thursday to raise funds for Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

It all started Wednesday night, when comedian Nick Kroll swung by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to call on celebs everywhere to share their most awkward, hilarious, and cringe-worthy throwback photos for charity. And boy, did they deliver …

First, Colbert shared his own — and shared that while he forgot it was picture day, the camera guy was nice enough to lend his own suit jacket and tie.

Then Kroll …

And it wasn’t long before others jumped in on the action.

Like John Oliver … who looks like he had a pretty hard time in high school. (Poor guy.)

And Bryan Greenberg, who shared this toothy grin of his from elementary school.

As did SNL‘s Aidy Bryant, who was apparently all sorts of adorable back in the day.

Alison Brie rocked a sweet night retainer.

And Matt Bomer reminded us that he was clearly always a stone cold fox.

Weird Al was … well, still weird.

And actor Phil Lamar showed off this sweet pic of himself as a little leaguer, donning some sweet shades.

Even Samantha Bee shared a throwback — though she’s almost unrecognizable with that seriously ’80s ‘do.

And … OMG, Ryan Seacrest, is that you?!

Mayim Bialik really took things back a few decades with this compilation of every ’90s fashion mistake we ever made.

And Kat Dennings reminded us of how much we used to love overalls … not to mention that weird goth phase we once dabbled in.

Angela Kinsey shared a snapshot that looked like something straight out of Troop Beverly Hills.

While John Mulaney shared this hilarious outtake of himself, caught mid-blink at the homecoming dance.

Kamail Nanjiani threw in this hilarious addition … which paid homage to the heinous mushroom cuts that dominated much of the early ’90s.

And honestly, I’m not 100 percent sure which of these characters is even Jimmy Kimmel, but he’s apparently in there somewhere.

Meanwhile, Rachel Bloom, of My Super Ex-Girlfriend, shared a throwback pic with her grandma that was straight-up adorable.

And Lena Dunham uploaded one with her hairless cat.

Did you know that before Jane Lynch got her trademark short ‘do, she apparently sported some long luscious locks? (And some pretty spiffy glasses.)

And Emmy Rossum had a car purse, for reasons unknown.

Kevin Smith apparently spent his teen years sporting a not-so-enviable stash.

But OMG, how adorable is Lin-Manuel Miranda talking on his landline?

Or this one of Patton Oswalt, with his beloved saxophone.

Busy Phillips was apparently super into hair crimping, BTW. (Weren’t we all?)

While Kim Jeong was rocking the professional dad look, about 20 years too early.

James Corden had the model stare down pat, though.

But the best by far … ?


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