This Over-40 Dance Crew Is Bringing Sexy Back Like It Never Left

Eleven New York City dancers are defying age and body size stereotypes with their kick-ass dance moves — and they do it all in front of thousands of people.

The Timeless Torches is a 40-and-over dance squad for the WNBA team, New York Liberty, that rocks the half-time show at about 10 games per season.

While the members, consisting of both men and women primarily over age 60, don’t look like your average scantily dressed cheerleaders, the Timeless Torches make sure the crowd knows they’re still sexy, and they know it.

According to a New York Times video featuring the dancers, becoming a member of the Timeless Torches is no easy task. The dancers have to audition every year, while also competing with other newcomers. The dancers practice, show off their best moves, and then wait anxiously by the phone for the call that determines their dancing future.

But once that phone rings, it all proves to be worth it because these expert twerking and breakdancing individuals truly love being part of the team.

From middle school math teachers to bus operators, people from all walks of life take pride in their resplendent hobby. As expressed in the New York Times video, one particular 65-year-old dance member extracts even more meaning from the team.

“In my church, nobody knows what I do. I sit in the back like this, ‘Amen, amen,'” she describes while gently nodding her head. “When I’m dancing, I think it’s the wild stuff that comes out!”

And in addition to expressing a different side of herself, the spirited dancer also believes that learning the dance moves benefits her mental health. Explaining that she has a touch of the dementia that her mother had, it can challenging to remember all of the choreography, but she is determined to not let the condition define her.

“I am not leaving this world sitting still!” she exclaimed.

Another new member also expressed the positive benefits of being part of the team.

“I feel like I’m a better dancer than I was when I was in my 20s,” she told the New York Times. “We stop being so worried about what we look like and what people are going to think.”

The spirit of the Timeless Torches is palpable, proving no matter you age or size, it’s never too late to bust a move. And as someone who is in her 20s, I can say for certain that these dancers blow my moves off the dance floor.

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