Mom Transforms Six Babies into Tiny Disney Princesses for One-of-a-Kind Photo Shoot

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Photographer and mom of three Karen Marie is now a real-life Fairy Godmother after she transformed six adorable babies into tiny Disney princesses earlier this month.

six babies in a line dressed as Disney princesses
Image: Belly Beautiful Portraits

“The amazing tales of love and heroism [in Disney movies] have always been an inspiration to me,” Marie tells Babble of her motivation to photograph the babies.

Marie, 36, explains that Disney has always been a big part of her life, and despite having a busy schedule at her studio, Belly Beautiful Portraits, she decided to make time for the special project.

baby dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid
Image: Belly Beautiful Portraits

In the 8-hour shoot in her studio in Roseville, CA, Marie watched her visions for the photo shoot “come alive” through the lens of her camera. From Cinderella, to Ariel, to Jasmine, Marie carefully picked out the dresses from Sew Trendy Accessories, the backdrops, and the props to portray the stories that she grew up with. (Her favorite is Sleeping Beauty.)

“The memories I get when watching this movie bring me back to my childhood every time I see it,” says Marie. “I also had Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip as my wedding cake topper!”

baby dressed as Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
Image: Belly Beautiful Portraits

And while she describes working with six babies at once as “VERY difficult,” she praises her amazing team for the support and assures it was all worth it when she watched the families of the babies dote over their little princesses.

“My favorite part about photographing babies is knowing in my heart how much these images will mean to families for generations to come,” she says.

baby dressed as Jasmine from Aladdin
Image: Belly Beautiful Portraits | Backdrop: Sydonz and Shutterstock/Nednapa

Marie, who specializes in maternity and newborn photography, says she felt compelled to work with babies since she was a kid. She actually started her career as a labor and delivery nurse and child birth educator. A few years later, she decided to combine that passion with her interest in photography, and created her business, Belly Beautiful Portraits.

baby dressed as cinderella
Image: Belly Beautiful Portraits | Backdrop: Shutterstock/Welburn Stuart

In addition to photographing little babies for a living, Marie also enjoys taking photos of her own not-so-little babes as well.

Marie considers photographing her three kids, Austin, 13, Sierra, 12, and Ashley, 10, a unique bonding experience. And in return, they love posting the fabulous photos on social media (what tween wouldn’t!).

baby dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Image: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Marie shares that she even took her son’s 8th grade graduation photos. “We had a lot of fun running around his school finding the light and cool backdrops,” she remembers. The photos, undoubtedly, came out great, and it’s a memory the two of them will be able to look back on for years to come.

As will the families of the six baby princesses in her most recent shoot. Marie’s once upon a dream truly became a reality.

baby dressed as Snow White
Image: Belly Beautiful Portraits
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