These Toddlers Channeled ‘Ferris Bueller’ for a Halloween Photo Shoot, and Totally Nailed It

When it comes to iconic teen movies from the ’80s, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off pretty much reigns supreme.

I mean, sure, there was The Breakfast Club. And Sixteen Candles. (Okay, and basically anything else Molly Ringwald was in during that entire decade.) But come on — Ferris Bueller was in a league of its own. It was impossibly cool. It had a killer soundtrack. And it gave you all sorts of brilliant new ideas for faking an illness, skipping school, and “borrowing” your friend’s dad’s car which may or may not wind up driving through plate glass by the end of the day.

Florida mom Lauren Willis knows the power of Ferris Bueller. So much so that she recently decked out her twin boys, Charlie and Row, in Halloween outfits that pay homage to the classic film — and the results were insanely adorable.

Image Source: Lauren Willis

I mean … that leopard vest. The Gordie Howe jersey. THE FERRARI.

Image Source: Lauren Willis

As totally on-point as these two look, their mom says the costume was actually pretty easy to pull off.

“A lot of the basics came from their closet or from stores where we already shop,” Willis shares. “A couple things came from Amazon (like the hockey jersey and microphone), and I had Ferris’ vest made by someone on Etsy. We had been planning to get them a little electric car for their birthday so my husband decided to find a red Ferrari online too to really complete the scene!”

And as for finding the perfect backdrop, Willis says they didn’t have to go far: “We did the photoshoot in our street in front of our house,” she tells Babble.

Image Source: Lauren Willis

They may be just shy of 2, but these kids aren’t exactly strangers to dressing up as iconic movie characters from the past.

Case in point: Last year they dressed up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World and … well, that was pretty amazing (and hilarious) too.

Image Source: Lauren Willis

Sadly, Wayne (aka Row) wasn’t a big fan.

Following that experience, Willis says she learned a very valuable lesson: “Babies do not like wigs — shocker!”

But it also kicked off a fun tradition she hopes will continue.

“I think it’s so fun to do a double costume,” says Willis. “So I thought it would be really special for the boys to grow up with the memories and photos of them doing costumes together every year — a little twin tradition that will be so fun to look back on. And we figured we should stick with the classic movies theme while they are still at an age where we get to pick their costumes.”

This year, though, she learned from her mistakes. Willis ditched the baby wigs and hats, and went with something a bit more comfortable that her boys could run around and play in. And this time around, they had a blast.

Image Source: Lauren Willis

I don’t know about you, but these two make the cutest little Cameron and Ferris duo I’ve ever seen …

Image Source: Lauren Willis

Have fun on Halloween, little dudes. And whatever you do: DON’T KILL THE CAR!

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