Big News for Tom and Colin Hanks

On Monday the curtain went up on Broadway for what was Nora Ephron’s final production, Lucky Guys. Staring on stage, for the first time in his career, was Tom Hanks, a long time friend of the writer who died last year after a long battle with luekemia. The opening audience at the Broadhurst Theatre was full of friends, family, and fans of Nora and Tom’s.

According to Playbill, “Lucky Guy dramatizes the real-life story of tabloid journalist Mike McAlary’s meteoric rise, fall and rise again, ending with his coverage of the Abner Louima case for which he won the Pulitzer Prize, shortly before his untimely death on Christmas Day, 1998.”

Liz Smith gives the play rave reviews saying, “The play reflects Nora’s own work life and her tragic early death, as it does McAlarys. (A scene of morphine overkill in dying patients is hard to take yet it is the funniest true thing I’ve seen onstage in ages.) It takes a wonderful writer to meld tragedy with comedy in one little scene. Nora had become an expert on both, right at the near moment of her own exit, just when the play was coming to fruition.”

Tom’s son Colin posed for photos at the arrival line of the theatre on opening day. At his side was his wife, Samantha Bryant. What made their arrival so fantastic was that it was an announcement: The couple are expecting their second child.

This will be Colin and Samantha’s second child making Olivia Jane a big sister.

After Olivia was born Colin jokingly quipped, “A baby’s existence for the first three months is a one-way street. One person is doing all the work and the other is crying, sleeping, and pooping.”

Oh Colin…we hear ya!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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