Dad Protests Christmas in November with “Too Soon for Christmastime” Parody Video

One clever dad is rising to Internet fame because he’s figured out a funny way to say what every parent is thinking: It’s too early for the Christmas madness to begin.

Jon Murray, a father of three known for his viral “Shut Up and Dance” pregnancy announcement parody from earlier this year, didn’t just post a rant about his strong holiday opinions to social media, he turned his “Bah Humbugs” into a catchy pop parody that is hard not to sing along with.

Set to the melody of OneRepublic’s “Apologize,” Murray poked fun at the holidays starting earlier and earlier each year with lyrics like:

It’s November 1st,

Candy wrappers still on the ground

And the Halloween decorations are coming down.

Walking in these stores, and I see what is coming out —

Just wait.

Take a look and see that Christmas trees are all around, I say —

It’s too soon for Christmastime.

It’s too soon.

Murray’s video has received an overwhelming response, with dozens of “love it”s in a notoriously hostile YouTube comments environment. And with share after share on Facebook, parents are nodding their heads in agreement because Murray is saying singing the truth on every parent’s mind: Christmas keeps coming earlier and earlier, and it’s about time someone said something about it.

Right alongside Murray’s hilarious parody, you might see parents sharing similar viral Christmas posts, like the Nordstrom sign from 2009 that keeps recirculating year after year because so many parents identify with it. In response to the “Christmas creep,” in which retailers decorate as early as the day after Halloween, Nordstrom took a stand by saying that they wouldn’t officially deck their halls until the Friday after Thanksgiving. Parents who feel that the Christmas monster keeps getting bigger, agree with this baseline rule: At the very least, let’s wait until the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone before we start putting up the Christmas trees.

It’s not that parents like Murray are on Team Grinch — quite the contrary. Parents who think less is more argue that the holiday overload takes away from the spirit of the season. These parents simply want to enjoy each holiday equally without any overlap, pointing out that Christmas should technically be celebrated throughout the month of December.

Whether you agree or disagree, most parents will concede that Murray’s witty jab at the holidays has at least a shred of truth. Once you have kids, it gets harder to keep up with all the holidays and to celebrate in a way that makes lasting memories. Murray isn’t trying to start a “war on Christmas,” but he is trying to get parents to rethink how they approach the season. Slowing down the festivities by even a few weeks can give us more time to enjoy it.

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