The Top 17 Grammy® Moments of 2014

paul-ringoI’m a bit of an obsessive music fan, and I owe this mostly to my parents. They are both huge appreciators of popular music — mostly Top 40, country, and rock and roll — and our house and every car trip was full of music while I was growing up.

My mom and I have watched many awards shows together over the years, especially the Grammys®. Now that my parents live in Florida most of the year, we’ve had to take our viewing across two states. This could be considered inconvenient and not as fun. But luckily for me, there’s text messaging, so I don’t have to miss my mother’s always priceless commentary on the artists, the fashion, and the songs. Thanks to technology, it still feels like I’m watching the show with her — even if we’re not in the same room.

This year, I parked myself on my couch, and she did the same at hers, and we chatted about the awards for most of the show, minus a few late arrivals and breaks on both of our ends. This show was long! So, herewith, are our thoughts about what comprised the top moments at this year’s Grammy Awards®.

Hint: this is one of them. [videopost src=’′]

Prepare to be amazed, or maybe just mildly amused. We entertain each other, which is a lot of what being a family is about, if you’re lucky. To give you a little taste, I’ll leave you with my mother’s final comments from the evening, which did, indeed, rock:

The Grammys® are rocking off in style. It’s been a real hoot! Mom signing off from my inaugural Grammys® commentator assignment. Love you!

Love you back, Mom. You are the best. Thanks for teaching me how to rock.

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  • Beyonce and Jay-Z, "Drunk in Love" 2 of 18

    My mother caught Beyonce and Jay-Z after their opening number because she was just getting home. I will watch Beyonce and Jay-Z any time, any day, and they outdid themselves as usual this year. My mom? She was into Beyonce's dress that she put after opening the show with her husband to "Drunk in Love." 


    My favorite Jay-Z moment? When he accepted an award, he said that daughter Blue Ivy would think it was a gold sippy cup. Gotta love Jay-Z the dad. 


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  • Paul and Ringo — Together Again! 3 of 18

    My mother is a big Beatles fan and refers to Paul McCartney as her boyfriend. She was so excited to see him and Ringo perform together on the Grammys®. 


    "My number one rock star. Paul McCartney rocks! Oh my God, I loved the Beatles! Little Ringo! Classic Paul and Ringo! It doesn't get any better!" 


    I have no idea how Ringo would feel about that, but it was meant with love and exclamation points. 


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  • P!nk 4 of 18

    Mom is a fan of P!nk. "Double wow for P!nk's entrance! AWESOME performance, P!nk! Her black skirt looks perfect with her acrobatic lacy leotard." 


    Let's be honest: how many of you signed up for trapeze classes today? I admit that I considered it. My mom and I are on board with you, P!nk. Rock on. 


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  • Queen Latifah Officiates Mass Same Sex Wedding 5 of 18

    Queen Latifah officiated over the marriages of 33 couples in the Grammys© audience. We were both sort of overcome with the moment, which was pretty huge. Two thumbs up from Mom and me for love, equality, and Queen Latifah. 

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  • Lorde Wins, Performs, is Generally Awesome 6 of 18

    Mom didn't have a lot of thoughts on Lorde. I do, however. I think she's great, and I want to know what shade of lipstick that is that she was wearing. How amazing to have this much success by the age of 17. I'm interested in seeing how her talent evolves.  

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  • Taylor Swift’s Crowd Participation 7 of 18

    My mom was concerned about the people behind Taylor Swift and her parents being able to see. She is a TSwift fan, but is also concerned about how everyone gets to enjoy shows. 

    "Sit down, Taylor and Mom! Although I would probably do the same thing! Ha!" 

    She had some more thoughts about Taylor later.


    "Rock and roll for Taylor would be a good move. She has made a lot of little girls smile, which has been a good thing, but she is older now. Taylor needs to "rock on." 

    I love my mom, you guys. 

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  • Pharrell’s Hat 8 of 18

    My mom is about your hat, Pharrell, and she feels that copies will be sold in major U.S. cities, so you have made an impression, for sure. 

    "How couldn't he win with a hat like that? That hat will be a hot commodity beginning tomorrow on every web page and every street corner in New York!" 

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  • Country Music Legends Perform Together 9 of 18

    We listened to Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Kris Kristofferson all the time when I was growing up.

    "Love all these old guys playing together," my mom said, absolutely not to my surprise. We both missed Waylon Jennings, though.  

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  • Katy Perry Performs 10 of 18

    My mom was into Katy Perry's performance. 

    "Wow! Well done. Katy wore that outfit well. It was out there, but flowed. Loved her whacked out stockings!" 

    My mother and Tim Gunn are my new fashion dream team. 

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  • Steven Tyler Dancing in His Seat 11 of 18

    "Look at Steven Tyler getting down! He is really into it!" 

    I dug it too, especially his disco rolls. It was one of the highlights of the night for me, to be honest. It doesn't take much to make me happy. 

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  • Kacey Musgrave’s Light-Up Boots 12 of 18

    I love Kacey Musgrave, and was pleased she got to perform and won an award. My mom? Fashion plate: 

    "Didn't catch her name, but she was a cute little country singer. Pretty voice -- great, blingy boots!" 

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  • Madonna Remains a Fashion Conversation-Starter 13 of 18

    Madonna had a big night. She also got a lot of people talking because she wore a grill on the red carpet, and she was dressed in a white suit and came out with another cane to perform with Mary Lambert during the mass wedding. My mother was still impressed. 

    "Madonna's still got it at 57! Go, Madonna!" 

    I am incline to agree with Mom. 

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  • Keith Urban Performs 14 of 18

    I enjoy Keith Urban's music, but I didn't realize my mom was such a huge fan, until the text came through when he was singing. 

    "I have REALLY learned to love this little guy from American Idol." "Who, Keith Urban?" "Yes. Right. That's his name." 

    Hi, Keith Urban.  My mom has learned to love you. 

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  • Dave Grohl and Billie Joe Armstong Together 15 of 18

    This one is for me. Billie Joe Armstrong and Dave Grohl are among my favorite performers in the whole world, and the chance to see them on-stage at the Grammys© and in one selfie frame? Priceless. 

    I might make this my desktop. I'm not kidding. 

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  • Lang Lang and Metallica 16 of 18

    "Metallica still rocks! I know you are loving this." 
    My mother knows her metalhead daughter. I enjoyed them teaming up with Lang Lang. I wasn't familiar with these amazing pianists, but I'm all about catching up with them now. 

    Image credit: Metallica

  • Mary Lambert Performing "Same Love" 17 of 18

    Macklemore has gotten a lot of love for "Same Love," but Mary Lambert provided the gorgeous vocal, and it was such a joy to see her take the Grammys© stage to sing the song with him and then Madonna. Huge night for her. She looked and sounded amazing. 

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  • Daft Punk 18 of 18

    Daft Punk had a big night, took home several awards, and caused a LOT of social media chatter for, well, being robots. Here's Mom: 

    "Those robots freak me out. I love the beat, though. Great dance song!" And later, when they took home album of the year? 

    "The robots had an exceptional night!" 

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Image credit: Laurie White

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