‘Toy Story’ Dad Creates Disney-Inspired Costumes for His Toddler That Are All Sorts of Cute

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One creative dad is lighting up Instagram this week, with the wildly fun Disney-inspired costumes he creates for his son — and we honestly can’t get enough.

Tucker Bohman (AKA @ToyStoryDad on Instagram) tells Babble that he’s always been a huge Disney fan, despite never having visited the famous parks as a kid. In fact, he even themed his son’s gender reveal party after his favorite Disney movie: Toy Story.

But he didn’t stop there. Just two days after his son Beckham was born, Tucker and his wife Rachel started posting photos of the little guy dressed up as beloved Disney characters.

“I took a picture of [Beckham] in a Woody bodysuit that his grandma gave him where he was surrounded by some of my Toy Story characters,” Tucker shares. “I never really used Instagram, but I figured I was a new dad with a love for Toy Story, so I changed my username to @ToyStoryDad.”

Not too long after that, the family of three from Salt Lake City, Utah went to Disneyland, with little Beckham (who goes by “Hamm”) dressed up as Woody. What happened next inspired the family to start their now-viral Instagram project.

“We had crowds around us everywhere we went,” Bohman shares. “People were asking to take his picture and talking about him throughout the park. We then had someone approach us and say, ‘Hey it’s Toy Story Dad’,” Tucker explains to Babble. “I couldn’t believe that someone actually recognized us. The combination of those two things led me to believe that this could really be something.”

And it certainly has turned into something — something pretty incredible.

Despite not knowing how to sew and being totally new to Instagram, the Bohmans quickly found their groove.

“We decided to start creating costumes ourselves because there weren’t a ton of boy options available,” says Tucker. “We definitely have to get creative. It is pretty labor intensive between making the costumes, taking the pictures, and editing, but it’s such a fun family project.”

Perhaps most impressive of all, is the DIY Slinky costume the Bohmans recently made and shared in a now-viral video that has to be seen to be believed:

The fun isn’t just reserved for the Bohmans, though; they’ve got over 32,000 fans who are loving it, too.

“I honestly never expected this account to grow into something so big,” Tucker tells Babble. “It is amazing that we have followers all over the world who find value in our content. My favorite responses are when we get random messages from followers letting us know that we have brightened their day. That is why we put in the work to bring these fun photos to life. If we can help one person smile on a bad day, then our mission is accomplished.”

The family has no plans to slow down or retire their adorable project any time soon. Especially since little Hamm, who turned 1 in August, is clearly having a blast with it, too.

“He seriously knows that he is cute and ‘Hamms it up’ as we like to say,” Tucker shares, adding that he has “lots” of ideas for the future. “We will just keep working hard, making people smile and see where this path takes us.”

If you’re having a rough day, or are just looking for a pick-me-up, consider scrolling through @ToyStoryDad’s Instagram feed for a dose of Disney-inspired cuteness. I promise, it’ll make you smile.

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