Woman’s Genius Hack for Smuggling Snacks into the Movies Has the Internet Bowing at Her Feet

It’s nearly impossible to go to a movie these days and not immediately crave a snack once you pass the concession stand. The rows upon rows of delicious candies; the mouthwatering aroma of buttered popcorn, which basically wafts out of the building and calls your name from the parking lot … it’s all so damn tempting.

What’s not tempting, however, are the price tags that often accompany each item. These days, a trip to the movies can easily set you back $30 just for yourself — making a date night for two a much pricier ordeal than it once was. Unless, of course, you have a clever alternative method.

And now, thanks to the wonders of the Internet — and a woman named Jessica Ruiz Gonzalez — I believe you do.

In a November 14 Facebook post, Gonzalez shares a simple yet totally GENIUS hack for sneaking your own snacks into the movies. And it’s so clever, you might just want to try pulling it off yourself.

“Thought of a new way to bring more snacks into the movies,” Gonzalez writes in the post. “And if y’all try it I’d love to see videos or pictures.”

A series of photos then show Gonzalez shopping at what appears to be her local craft store, where she holds up a styrofoam dome and then in the next shot, can be seen hiding it under her sweatshirt, thereby creating a pretend baby bump.

Like so:

I mean … is that insanely genius, or what?!

Of course, the hack won’t exactly work if you’re currently pregnant. Or a dude. Or prone to embarrassing easily. But hey, if none of the above applies to you, then by all means — have at it!

The post has been shared over 21K times in the last week alone, and has racked up thousands of comments from Facebook users who either plan to give it a whirl, or gave it a whirl with varying degrees of success.

Like this man, who had less-than-stellar results: “Tried it, plan failed,” wrote Dan Daniel. “And now I’m banned from the theaters. 0/10, would not recommend fellas.”

Oof. To be fair though, he could totally be joking. (Though honestly, pretending to be a pregnant man might only work if you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, so … there’s that.)

In any case, if you do decide to give Gonzalez’s hack a try, we wish you all the best of luck. Happy snacking!

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