Quick-Thinking Wife Convinces Husband She Spent $275 on “Utilities” Instead of Ulta Beauty

Not all heroes wear capes, you guys. Some heroes don’t need to be able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound in order to make a legendary recovery. In fact, one woman is breaking Twitter with a tweet that proves some heroes are just whip-smart women who save the day with their superhuman minds.

Case in point: On January 1, Twitter user @Trishaaaayyye took to the social media forum with a now-viral post that has the Internet convinced her mother’s mind is faster than a speeding bullet.

While the Twitter user’s father was taking care of some of the monthly finances, she says he noticed a $275 charge on his credit card bill to ULTA. Apparently unaware of the popular cosmetics chain, he deferred to the woman’s mother, whose response is the ultimate example of thinking-on-your-feet GOALS.

The conversation that ensued — and left the Twitter user “SCREAMING” — went down like this:

Dad: “What’s U-L-T-A? $275? Is that utilities?”

Mom: “Yeah I payed the bills”

Dad: “Thank you.”

Ladies and gentlemen … SHE SHOOTS! SHE SCORES! That’s some fancy mental footwork right there. Get the woman a trophy!

If you found yourself inspired by the heroine in this story, believe me, you’re not alone. Trishaaaayyye’s tweet has received over 560K likes and has been retweeted more than 155K times, proving that everyone loves a success story. (And that we’ve all been in her mother’s cosmetic bag — errr I mean shoes — before.)


While we’re talking about clever ways to put one over on your spouse, though, I feel it’s only fair to share a similar trick I’ve come up with. It’s basically a fool-proof comeback that we can all use to get ourselves out of trouble if/when we find ourselves in a similar situation with our significant others.

I call it: EVERYTHING COSTS $40.

This works on anyone and everyone, but is particularly useful if your spouse has seen you come home with one too many Target bags before. Trust me. If you’re ever wearing a new piece of clothing or shoes, or carrying a new bag and your partner hits you with a suspicious “Is that new?”, you always say, “What, this? I don’t know. I got it for $40.”

Forty dollars, I’ve decided, is the universal price for “not expensive enough to be a problem while at the same time not appearing so cheap that it seems like you’re lying.” I’m no superhero, but I’ve used this method for years and it’s saved my own buns on several occasions.

In honor of Trishaaaayyye’s mom, I’d like to invite you all to go forth into your nearest mall fearlessly and, if need be, always be prepared with a fast as lightning comeback when the credit cards come to call.

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