This Facebook Page Is Devoted to Dogs UPS Drivers Meet on Their Route and It Is Pure Joy

My two dogs both have a huge crush on our UPS guy, because every time he stops by (which is fairly regularly, thanks to my Amazon Prime habit), they each get a treat and a belly rub. During the holidays, we even leave a card out for our delivery guy that’s “signed” by the dogs and includes a small gift card for a hot chocolate at our local cafe. So you can imagine how stoked I was to find out that there’s actually a Facebook page devoted to the friendly dogs that UPS workers meet along their route. (And yes, I totally searched for my pups on it!)

UPS Dogs (which has no official affiliation with the United Parcel Service) has 641,518 followers to date, and it’s easy to see why. It offers a never-ending scroll of adorable dogs — either staring up at the camera, or posing with the UPS delivery men and women they adore. But the best part of all are the hilarious, heartfelt, and amazing stories that accompany each photo.

“UPS Drivers deliver packages all day long,” the Facebook page reads. “During that time many dogs are met, good and bad. If there is time during the day, snap a shot and send it in. If you have a driver that delivers every day, get a pic and send a short description including name and location.”

The man behind this incredible feel-good page is Sean McCarren, who tells Babble that the inspiration for starting the page was almost accidental.

“A collection of pictures from different dogs would end up on my phone, [and] after awhile, I was like ‘That’s a lot of dogs,'” says McCarren, who eventually created the Facebook page as a means to collect them all together. “After [creating] the page I see the happiness that so many followers receive from it, emails and messages flow in with thank you’s … [it’s] nonstop.”

Over the years, there have been plenty of dogs that have warmed McCarren’s heart, but he tells Babble that one particularly sweet dog named Belle stands out in his memory. If you’re a fan of the UPSDOGS Facebook page, then you’ll know that Belle was a super cool dog. At one point, she was hit by a car and tragically, was left for dead. The voices behind UPSDOGS rallied not only to find out what happened to her, but also to make sure she would be okay.

Yet sadly, Belle passed away just a year later. McCarren shared the news in a heartbreaking post from 2016:

“I was so upset today when I got to the bike shop, I was looking around for Belle. I was told that she died of pneumonia last night. Me and her was like peas and carrots! Gonna really miss her! Thoughts and prayers go out to Brian and Shannon and their family. Gonna miss you girl!!”

McCarren clearly loves each and every one of the dogs he sees every day while at work, and knows all of their names by heart. He even goes out of his way to bring special treats along for them.

“I have a few special dogs on my route,” he shares. “Bella she gets a big bone, Roxy gets two, Angel gets one, Dino and Cinder, Coco Brutus dances before he gets one … they are all special.”

In the shots shared on UPSDOGS, adorable pups can be seen trying to hop over fences …

Forming a small greeting party …

And even waiting out in the pouring rain to greet their favorite UPS guy …

But the photos also tell another story, about the bonds formed within communities each and every day.

“I’ve grown to have many relationships over the years from different routes I’ve run,” he continues. “[I’m thankful to everyone I’ve met] for treating me as part of [the] family and not just a delivery driver.”

I can’t think of a sweeter story than that.

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