Vanessa Carlton Gets Married — By Stevie Nicks

vanessa-carlton-weddingVanessa Carlton married Deer Tick musician John McCauley on Friday, high priestess of rock and roll Stevie Nicks presiding.

How cool is that?

Oh hey, I’ll answer my own question: really cool. But then again, I’m a lifelong Fleetwood Mac and then Stevie solo fan, as well as a fan of Vanessa’s, and also love, and weddings. So what we have here is my ultimate holiday feel-good love story, triumph over sadness and adversity, with a dash of rock star, and apparently a very happy couple.

Vanessa tweeted a few lovely pictures out after the wedding, thanking Nicks for uniting her and McCauley in marriage.

She also shared two pictures on Instagram.

Carlton’s happy day comes just a month after she had to cancel tour dates after suffering an ectopic miscarriage, an experience that she shared with fans on Facebook, showing that she had kept her sense of humor and close connection with McCauley through this ordeal.

It is also very important to note that this is the second time I ended up in the ER without underwear! However, upon waking up the next morning in the hospital, and as my doctor was explaining to me what happened the night before, my fiancé showed up.  He had flown all night.  He had my underwear.  My hunter green lace ones:-)  I realize I am a lucky woman on many levels here…I’m so bummed about having to jank up this tour.  It started off pretty great.  My favorite even. Gimme a couple more days, I’ll be ready.  Thank you for all your support and understanding through this.

Love, Vanessa

Nicks and Carlton have been close for several years, following a tour almost 10 years ago. She called Nicks her mentor, according to Idolator, a relationship that encompassed music and personal life.

She is an extraordinary woman. She’s such a good person. I know she’s Stevie Nicks and she’s so magical on so many levels and larger than life. But she’s this earthy, amazing person at the end of the day. She’s such a good woman. I look up to her. Touring with her was just the best. Being near Stevie is such a gift. She keeps giving to me.

Here’s wishing Carlton and McCauley many years of happy married life, and Stevie a regular gig as an officiant, because I have a feeling the world could use the kind of good mojo she’d bring to any ceremony.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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