Veronica Mars Movie Trailer Is All You Want It to Be!

veronica mars movieKristen Bell unleashed a fantastic New Year’s gift to her fans last night: The brand new Veronica Mars movie trailer! YOU GUYS!! It’s seriously happening and if you were one of the 91,585 backers who contributed to the Kickstarter, you helped.

It is estimated that over $5 million funds were raised by fans to complete this film. That is a LOT of marshmallows. So where does the story begin? How do we dive back into the world of Neptune? Well that’s obvious: high school reunion!

I bet Kristen Bell and the entire cast of Veronica Mars had a blast making a movie for their fans.

My favorite moments from the trailer:

• Veronica as a grownup living a grownup life in New York
• The look on her face when she sees Logan Echolls on TV
• EVERYTHING Dick Casablancas
• That moment that is TOTALLY straight out of Sixteen Candles (Jake Ryan tribute!)
• Mac is back!
• High school zingers (oh so many, oh so satisfying)
• OMG is that Jerry O’Connell??? (yup)
• The last line — it’s perfect

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