Funny Viral Video Nails the Real Reason Why Moms Can Never Meet Up

I haven’t seen a close friend of mine in OVER A YEAR. She lives like 12 minutes away. How is that possible?!

Well, she has three kids, and I have three kids. She has a husband, and I have a husband. Her kids are all in activities, my kids are all in activities — you get the idea.

The truth is, schedules can make it really flipping hard for moms to find time to meet up with their friends, so U.K. based bloggers Tova of Tova Leigh—My Thoughts About Stuff and Riona of Riona—the Unnatural Woman decided to do a humorous video about this exact topic. And they nailed it.

The clever video begins with a casual chat between two moms checking in with each other via phone (one of whom is rocking a baby) and realizing they haven’t seen each other in a while. The mom with the baby (and a giant pile of laundry in the background) is desperate for a meet-up and says, “Listen, I need a coffee, in public, with an adult. Can you meet?”

And we all know what happens next. A seemingly simple task like scheduling a time to get together is actually damn near impossible.

One mom suggests tomorrow, to which the other replies, “Yes. I just need to load the stroller, pump the boobs, pack the baby bag with ten outfit changes … [but] I can be with you by 3!”

Alas, the other mom says she’s “picking up the kids from school at 3, and then I’m taking them swimming, then rushing home to make three types of dinner — because nobody likes to eat the same stuff in my house.”

And so it goes.

The two women go round and round, suggesting dates and times that are negated by the other due to reasons we can all relate to, like:

“My mother-in-law is coming over. She actually hates kids [and] is just coming to judge my house.”

“The dog just crapped on the carpet.”

“Hemorrhoids. Can’t. Sit. Down.”

*Conference call at work.”

“63 loads of laundry, car wash, hair wash, dog wash.”

“Have to get waxed.”

The funniest line is probably when one suggests Friday, they both admit that they are “usually catatonic in a corner by Friday.” Same, girls. SAME.

They finally find a date that works — in three months. “See you on October 9th!” they say.

And honestly, that’s completely believable. I have had this exact scenario happen when trying to plan meet-ups with girlfriends. We will literally schedule a 90-minute coffee date or girls night out in the NEXT SEASON. Like right now it’s July, but maybe we can go Christmas shopping together in November?! And then you pray that no one will get sick, and your husband won’t be out of town for work, and there won’t be a basketball game or dance rehearsal that night.

The best thing about your girlfriends though, is that they’ll always be there. I know my friend who lives 12 minutes away is still one of my besties, and when we finally see each other, it won’t seem like 13 months have passed. Our kids and husbands will still be driving us crazy and we’ll laugh about it all, enjoying a glass of wine like we always do.

Thanks Tova and Riona for the laughs and real take on motherhood!

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