OMG — Walmart Is Selling a Grown-Up Version of Dunkaroos

As a ’90s baby myself, I can’t help but look back fondly on the days I’d open my Lion King lunchbox to reveal a package of Dunkaroos.

There was truly nothing more satisfying than peeling back the seal and breaking into the cookies and funfetti icing — and don’t even get me started on what you could barter for with the sugary snack. The options were truly endless.

While Babble has attempted to make our own version of the ageless treat, I’ve always felt sorry for the kids of today who never got the chance to experience real Dunkaroos. Of course, they now have artfully designed lunches in the shape of their favorite characters, but is that really as good as being allowed to eat pure frosting in the middle of the day? Probably not.

But now, thanks to Walmart’s Dunk ‘N Crunch snack, kiddos can dive into the vanilla-sprinkled frosting just like their parents did before them. And boy does it look GOOD.

One Instagram user, junkbanter, posted the sweet treat on his page with an expert review.

He noted:

“Yeah the cookies are different and the frosting is thicker, but whatevs. I actually like your take on it with shortbread cookies. So again… thank you. Thank you for this Dunk ‘N Crunch.”

Who are we to argue with thicker frosting? You can bet your sweet tooth I’ll be headed out to Walmart to get my hands on this snack, stat.

h/t: PopSugar

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