Walter White’s Facebook Movie Made Me Cry More Than My Own

Have you taken a look back at your last 10 years on Facebook by letting their team create a movie for you out of your posts and photos? I’ll admit that I liked watching some of them at first, but my own was nothing special and the algorithm-generated movies got a little old pretty fast. That is, until someone broke bad and created a sentimental look back for Walter White, our favorite chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin.

Walter White’s Facebook movie made me feel a sentimental tug at my heartstrings. I miss him. Remember his diagnosis? Remember how hard he worked to support his family? Remember how he loved being a drug lord? That was sad.

My own Facebook movie failed to elicit such an emotional response, even though the music, posts, and photos are calculated to do so. I’m just not as sentimental about my real life as presented by Facebook as I am about Walter White’s fake life as presented by Facebook. These are strange times.

In commemoration of Facebook’s 10 years online, this handy tool was created to harsh our bliss and calculate just how much time we’ve been spending on Facebook.

I’ve spent almost a solid month on Facebook since joining in 2008! That’s a long time. I only spent around 60 hours bing- watching Breaking Bad. How much longer will Facebook stick around? Who knows. But they’re keeping it interesting for the time being with apps and games and movie generators like this. I’ll probably stick around for another solid month or so. It’s not like I have anything better to do. You?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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